SaaS Free Trial Conversion Rate Optimization Resource Guide

If you’re like a typical SaaS provider, a substantial amount of your sales are online which means your SaaS Free Trial Conversion Rates are directly correlated with revenue. A poor performing Free Trial means you have lower revenue than you should… and that’s a problem.

I put together this list of my best resources to help you improve your SaaS Free Trial Conversion Rates and grow your business.

Let’s Optimize your SaaS Free Trial Conversion Rates

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– Lincoln

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If you need help growing your SaaS, request at least a 15-minute call with me via Clarity. My role of Customer Success Evangelist at Gainsight has me super-busy, so I'm not taking on any new long-term consulting clients right now. Clarity is it for now. Be sure to join my mailing list - I send cool stuff to the list all the time - or circle me on Google+, connect LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter.


  1. Dude this is an awesome resource. I have to start reading and implementing for SweetProcess.

  2. Nice post. I dove into the topic of automated free trial nurturing techniques in the following blog post and thought it might dovetail nicely with your theories:


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