The Art of Objection Handling in Customer Success

Imagine this: You’re all set for a critical meeting with a customer, the agenda is clear, and you’re brimming with solutions.

But the customer postpones.

Or worse, they decline the meeting altogether.

It’s not an uncommon scenario in the world of customer success.

But what if we told you that this roadblock could be transformed into a stepping stone?

Today, we’re exploring how to use ‘Objection Handling’ as a powerful tool to progress, maintain, and deepen customer relationships.

This concept, usually associated with sales, is equally crucial for Customer Success Managers (CSMs).

At its core, an objection is simply when a customer declines or resists an action or proposal.

Addressing this directly, with empathy and strategic savvy, can open new pathways for collaboration and success. Now, let’s unpack how.

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Positioning is Critical

Our journey begins with positioning – the perception of your value by the customer.

An improperly positioned CSM might be seen as unnecessary or even an inconvenience.

To turn the tables, you must present yourself as a strategic asset, someone they need to meet with.

Achieving correct positioning requires understanding your customers, their needs, and their goals.

This isn’t a quick fix for immediate issues, but a long-term strategy that pays dividends over time.

Preparation is Key

Next, we come to the critical aspect of preparation.

Unprepared meetings might be why customers are skipping them in the first place.

To build trust and engagement, it’s essential to demonstrate a well-prepared strategy that aligns with their objectives. In your prep-work, also anticipate objections and rehearse your responses.

Being prepared to handle objections not only helps you retain control of the conversation but also projects a thoughtful, professional image.

Introducing the Objection Breakthrough Formula

Finally, let’s dive into our secret weapon – the Objection Breakthrough Formula.

It’s a simple yet robust tool that hinges on three pivotal steps: Break, Disrupt, and Ask.


The Break step serves to disrupt the emotional response typically triggered by an objection. By rehearsing and having pre-prepared responses, you can buy yourself time to shift from an emotional to a logical frame of mind.


The Disrupt step aims to respond unexpectedly, breaking the usual pattern. This piques the customer’s attention and causes them to focus more keenly on the discussion. Instead of simply agreeing or disagreeing with their objection, offer an alternative perspective.


Lastly, the Ask phase transitions from breaking their pattern to steering the conversation back to the initial objective. It provides an opportunity to highlight the value of the initially proposed action and elicit their agreement or compromise.

Objection handling is a valuable skill – that you can learn in Impact Academy’s Customer Success Manager training program – just like any other skill, that you must fine-tune with practice.

Each customer interaction brings a new chance to implement these techniques, learn from your experiences, and become a more effective CSM.

Embrace the Challenge

Objection handling in customer success is an overlooked but indispensable skill. It’s a bridge that transforms a no into a yes, a roadblock into a gateway.

Embrace it, practice it, and make it an integral part of your customer success toolkit.

Remember, overcoming objections isn’t about winning an argument; it’s about navigating conversations towards a mutual goal – your customer’s success. \

So the next time you face an objection, don’t view it as a rejection, see it as an opportunity to reframe, redirect and redefine the narrative towards success.

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