1. This is one of the best articles on pricing that I have every seen, thank you so much. I have actually paid for information and data not as good as this. I appreciate that it is not over scientific but offers real life results.

    I have had similar questions about which plan to ‘highlight’ as ‘best value’ or ‘most popular’ and also the use of the semi-hidden low ball plan, I forget where I have seen that done, but I remember seeing that at least twice. It is where you can’t really see the actual lowest plan, but it is usually a small text link at the bottom of all the plans. I assume this allows sites to pitch that very low plan, but it is not readily visible to new visitors of site.

    In lieu of a free trial I offer a free online demo: is my main site.

    Do you think there is any relationship to selling the higher priced packages when moving from L to R because of how the English language is read?

    Thanks again!

    -Martin Walker premium Local SEO WordPress Plugin

  2. Good read Lincoln,

    Assembla had some of the fastest sign-up growth I’ve seen in recent memory with their pricing page using this strategy.

    Bottom line, if your product provides $500/month worth of value then give your audience a trial and open it up to them to see. Your conversion will be high:)

    Here is a company I know well who has used this strategy:



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