1. Lincoln,

    I have been working on a project that is working on doing just that. We’re in our early stages, but you hit on some great points that I think can be pain points for many startups. I see on sites like hackernews nearly every day SaaS startups calling it quits. Most importantly, I had never heard of them. Quite often I find myself saying, “I’d have tried that had I just known about it.”

    I think sometimes SaaS owners don’t really know who their customers are and if they do, how to get their brand in front of them properly.

  2. Hi Lincoln

    I’of say the most important aspect of customer development would be the initial crafting of a personal.

    Understanding customer intent to buy and the process is key. I like the way you put it all together in this post.

    A very insightful post I most admit and thanks for sharing.


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