1. Awesome article as usual, Lincoln.

    In a free-trial situation where the client has already submitted payment information and will be automatically billed unless he cancels, which strategy do you think would generally perform best?
    1) Only send follow-up emails after a person cancels.
    2) Only send follow-up emails if the person isn’t using the service.
    3) Send follow-up emails to everyone based on usage.

  2. Spot-on about the need for personal email. We took that and plugged in auto-bumping that basically follows up under the same subject line if you don’t get a response, bumping it back to the inbox with a “Hey, did you get a chance to look at this?” or any customized message you want. Saves a ton of time. Best of all world.

  3. Utkarsh Talwar says:

    Hey, this was exactly the advice I was looking for. My colleagues and I had been discussing about creating an email campaign to improve new users’ experience and reduce churn rate. This post was very helpful.
    The best part, I felt, was to use triggered email follow-ups instead of timed ones. We’re definitely incorporate this in our email strategy.
    Thanks 🙂

  4. Lincoln – so glad I found this article. I was actually searching for “best email sequence for refunds” to address a good will protocol for membership cancellations, but what I found in this article has pretty much had me go back to the drawing board (and the nootropics) for a deep dive in having consumption milestones and user behavior in the members area be the triggers for emails, rather than purchase + X days to trigger an email.

    Looking forward to reading more of your stuff!

    With Appreciation,

  5. What about this sequence:

    1. Deliver high value
    2. Deliver high value
    3. Deliver high value
    4. Deliver high value
    5. Deliver high value
    6. Ask for something
    7. Repeat 1 – 6 again and again and again

  6. Hi Lincoln,

    Thanks very much for your article – I’m really glad I found it. I’m a SaaS company founder and just getting started learning how to convert trials to users (thus far the worst part of the business!). I googled “best sequence of emails to convert trials” and thanks to you I have learned a lesson without the pain, so thanks! Time to get cracking on my customer success map 🙂



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