From KPIs to Connection: Transforming Metrics Into Meaningful Relationships

Customer Success isn’t a monolith; it’s a symphony of moving parts.

Think of it as a well-oiled machine with gears both large and small.

The larger gears—your customer-level KPIs—offer those broad-stroke indicators that often make you nod in satisfaction.

“Yes, we’re on the right track,” they seem to say.

Then there are the smaller, more delicate gears—your user-level KPIs.

They may seem insignificant but are incredibly vital in ensuring everything runs as it should. Let’s explore this, shall we?

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The Larger Gears: Customer-Level KPIs

These are your birds-eye-view indicators.

They are what you show your executive team when they want a snapshot of how well your Customer Success function is performing.

They tell you things like the overall customer health score or Success Vector, Net Revenue Retention (NRR), etc.

They give you the destination: are you heading toward a sustainable, growth-oriented future, or are you on the brink of customer churn?

The Smaller Gears: User-Level KPIs

But a grand destination is meaningless if the journey is flawed. That’s where your user-level KPIs come in.

These metrics, like user engagement, feature adoption rates, and customer support ticket trends, provide the tactical steps needed to reach your strategic objectives.

They are your on-the-ground truths, telling you what is happening at the coalface of your product or service.

The Synchrony: Goal Discovery

Here’s where Goal Discovery enters as the maestro of this symphonic interaction.

Knowing your customer’s goals isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity.

And not just any goals—real, tangible, actionable and measurable objectives with specific time frames.

Goal Discovery ties the larger gears to the smaller ones, offering context to the metrics you track.

It helps you understand not just what is happening, but why it’s happening and what needs to change or continue to reach those customer-defined successes.

Connecting KPIs to Human Behavior

To make impactful decisions, you must look at both levels of KPIs in the context of your customer’s goals.

When these gears turn in synchrony, informed by a well-executed Goal Discovery process, you can expect a level of harmony and efficiency that’s music to any Head of Customer Success’s ears.

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