1. Amazing post. Congrats!

  2. Hey Bronson,

    Firstly, thanks for the free ebook! Love the example blueprint you share in there for automated and repeatable growth! Very creative!

    Hopefully breaking the deifnition down to current traits and values that best describe an effective growth hacker, and not just constantly referring back to Sean Ellis et al original blogs will help bring some sanity back to the scene! Sure, it’s great linkbait (Guilty!) but when it comes to seeing new job titles as Chief Growth Hacker, it’s time to take Lincolns advice above:

    “While you’re out trying to define and defend #growthhacking your competition just stole your market share”


  3. Good breakdown Bronson.

    Also a fan of – you’ve lined up some great interviews (including Lincoln Murphy of course)!

  4. About your “come up with hypotheses to test” roadblock, encourage qualitative user research to stimulate those juices. Ethnography, where you’re a fly on the wall with your subjects, for example. Really understanding your customers, their lives, their problems, how they solve those problems now, and how they think about and how they talk about those problems is great fodder for pioneering thought.


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