The Free Trial Secrets of 100’s of SaaS vendors… just for you

Peter Drucker famously said “The purpose of a business is to create a customer.”

I say “The purpose of a Free Trial is to create a customer.”

If you believe my version, then the Free Trial Dominator is for you.

I’m capping Charter Memberships at the first 10 members and I’ll close it down as soon as I hit that number.

I’m so excited about the the Free Trial Dominator because it’s a manifestation of my years of helping SaaS & Web App companies get more customers and generate more revenue.

I’ve literally helped 100’s of companies around the world, from super-tiny, bootstrapped Web App startups to the biggest names in SaaS (KISSMetrics, Zendesk, Hubspot, Constant Contact, to name a few).

And I saw the Free Trial – something all B2B SaaS & Web Apps have – as the major bottleneck in customer acquisition.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a no-touch, self-service sales process or if ahigher-touch, human-powered sales process is involved.

In my experience, most of the time if a Web App or SaaS vendor has a Free Trial, the vast majority of those who signed-up for the trial do not buy; recent research by Softletter and my daily conversations back that up as fact.

So in 2011… I set out to fix that.

Look, I consider the Free Trial Dominator to be your shortcut to turning your Free Trial into a Customer-Creating Machine.

I don’t know how to say it less bombastically… sometimes, the truth is just THAT AWESOME.

I mean, in the Group Coaching sessions in December (you’ll have access to the archived recordings when you sign-up to become a Charter Member today) we’ve already covered topics like:

  • Pre-signup Indoctrination
  • Calls to Action, Sales Copy, and Microcopy
  • Sign-up form optimization
  • Engagement Processes do’s and don’ts
  • How to move from Engagement to Investment
  • How to use Email follow-up sequences effectively during a Free Trial
  • Using Transactional Emails to drive conversions
  • Designing for conversion and for your audience, not for your peers or ego
  • And a bunch more.

Oh, and that is in addition to what is included in the Core Free Trial Dominator modules!

Look, what the Free Trial Dominator means to you and your company is very simple:

No more trying to figure this stuff out on your own!

No more turning to LinkedIn Groups or Quora for “the answers” when all you get is generic advice and consultants who don’t know what their talking about shilling their services.

Let me be very clear so there aren’t any misunderstandings.

The Free Trial Dominator IS NOT a lead-in for my consulting services.

In point of fact, it is a REPLACEMENT for my consulting services.

A better way to say it is that the Free Trial Dominator is the RESULT OF my consulting services.

I know what I know because I’ve been exposed to what has worked (and continues to work) – and what hasn’t and doesn’t work – in 100’s of SaaS & Web App vendors worldwide.

I even worked with some traditional – and massive – Software vendors in 2011 to improve their Free Trial results.

And I’ve boiled that knowledge down, synthesized it, and put it together for you so you don’t have to go through the same trial & error everyone else does.

Until now, I’ve charged upwards of $2000 to be a part of the Free Trial Dominator program.

And many have paid to join, understanding the value they’d receive not from the program, but as a result of the program and the increase in conversions and revenue.

But because there are two inputs to pricing – willingness to pay & ability to pay – I realized the one-time payment option was not right for everybody.

So I’m gonna make it even more accessible in 2012 by offering a monthly payment option of ONLY $99 or what amounts to $1188/year.

But I’m not offering that just yet… that’ll come in 1Q 2012.

Right now, I’m looking for a handful of Charter Members to join the existing group of Early Adopters.

This is a $594 value if you do the math: 6 months x $99/mo.

This is limited to 10 Charter Members and once I hit that number, that’s it… no more Charter Members.

Oh, and if you get in now, you can join the last LIVE Group Coaching Session of 2011 on Wednesday 12/28 @ Noon Eastern.

What You Get When You Join the Free Trial Dominator Program

When you become a Free Trial Dominator member you get what I call the 3 C’s:

Content, Consulting & Conversation

Membership provides you access to this ever-evolving and updated Content:

  • Core Free Trial Dominator modules
    – Rethinking the ‘Free Trial’
    -Attention Phase
    -Engagement Phase
    -Investment Phase
    -Conversion Phase
  • Free Trial Resources and Tools
  • My Super Ninja Free Trial Tactics
  • Pricing Page Success Formula videos (the full 5-hour series! last sold for $397!)
  • Master Class on Beta Testing & Pricing (60-minutes / $97 value)
  • Complete Group Coaching Call Archive

PLUS you get consulting & conversation in the form of weekly LIVE Group Coaching web meetings that you and all other members can participate in (ask questions, review your sites or workflows, help with copywriting and design, etc.).

Occasionally we’ll even have special guests join to share what is working for them, like when Wistia or OfficeDrop stopped by to share how they get their massive conversion rates.

And of course, I’ll record each session and post to the private site for you to watch over-and-over (or if you couldn’t be there live!).

This is limited to the first 10 Charter Members; I’m closing this down as soon as I hit that number.

Remember, join today and you can be on the Group Coaching web meeting – Wednesday 12/28 – at Noon Eastern.

See you then.

– Lincoln
(972) 200-9317

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