5 Outdated Email Tactics You Need to Abandon in 2024

Whether you’re a Customer Success Manager (CSM), Sales Development Rep (SDR), or anyone tasked with engaging prospects or customers via email, you know all too well that sinking feeling.

You craft an email, inject it with what you think are carefully tailored insights, and hit “send” with high hopes, only to be met with silence.

That dreaded, ghosting silence. 

Your attempts to engage seem to evaporate into the digital ether, leaving you questioning the effectiveness of your strategy, and worse, your ability to meet your targets.

Email Doesn’t Work in 2024(?)

Maybe you’ve heard it said, “Email doesn’t work as well anymore.” But the truth is, it’s not that email doesn’t work, it’s the way we’re using email that hasn’t adapted to the ever-evolving consumption patterns of inbox users.

As we step deeper into 2023, let’s reevaluate our tactics. 

Let’s look beyond the superficial “personalizations” and unnecessary small talk that are failing to capture our prospects’ and customers’ attention. 

It’s time to explore how we can revamp our email engagement strategies for the better.

Here are 5 outdated email tactics you need to abandon in 2023 (and what to do instead):

Email Tactic #1: Fake Personalization

What’s not working: Just adding their name isn’t personalization. Email gurus still tell you that “[Fname].” is a great subject line. It is if you want your email ignored or marked as spam. Knowing their name takes zero effort and proves nothing to them.

What to do instead: Truly personalize your emails. Tailor the content according to the customer’s interaction with your company. Referencing their last purchase or how they’ve used your service makes them feel understood and valued.

Email Tactic #2: Interest Stalking

What’s not working: The days of “oh, you like football, too. That’s crazy!” are over. Everyone knows how easy it is to find their interests and this does nothing but make you seem like you’re using outdated tactics. Email gurus still promote this, but the data doesn’t lie.

What to do instead: Rather than focusing on their personal hobbies, concentrate on their professional interests and challenges. Offering valuable insights and solutions to their business problems will resonate more.

Email Tactic #3: Unnecessary Small Talk

What’s not working: Often based around “mutual interest” derived from the previous point, small talk is unnecessary and wastes the precious attention you somehow got. Get to the point!

What to do instead: Start your email with a clear and concise statement about why you’re reaching out. Don’t beat around the bush – respect their time and get to the heart of your message quickly.

Email Tactic #4: Using Tropes and Clichés

What’s not working: I hope this email finds you well. No! The email does NOT find me well.

All of those nonsense clichés and meme tropes are played out, look like spam, and waste the valuable attention you barely have.

What to do instead: Use authentic, straightforward language that speaks to the reader’s needs. Avoid common email clichés and create a genuine human connection instead.

Email Tactic #5: Ignoring Timing

What’s not working: Inbox usage patterns have changed and the way people consume email is different than a few years ago. You have to be thoughtful about when your recipient might be in their email and will see your email.

What to do instead: Use data to find out when your customers are most likely to read their emails. Send emails during those times to increase open rates and engagement. Use Inbox Placement triggers.

Inbox Placement Triggers

Activity-based – Action taken in-app, send them an email
Our Email-based – When your recipient engages with any other email from your company
Drop Email-based – When your recipient engages with an email sent to someone else’s list
Network-based – When a recipient engages with an email sent from anyone in the network.

If you’re interested in any of those things, contact me and we can set that up for you.

Logical Next Step

Now that we’ve exposed the five fundamental missteps in email engagement that are standing between you and your potential successes, it’s time to take decisive action. Sign up for the “Email Engagement Formula: Driving Success at Every Stage of the Customer Journey” course today. 

Let’s reimagine your email approach together and craft a strategy that resonates with your audience’s needs and preferences. It’s time to elevate your email game, get noticed, and drive meaningful connections at every stage of the customer journey. 

Your next email could be the game-changer. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make it count.

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