1. Excellent list and I’ve got 5 new environments to explore thanks to you! Cheers, Brad

    • Michael Good says:

      I would like to thank Lincoln for this AMAZING post. There are too many internet marketers out there struggling to get traffic. How many people out there with mind-blowing websites that the world NEEDS that will never get enough traffic to get their ideas out to the public? How many people stuck at 9 to 5’s struggling to make money online only because they just CAN’T GET TRAFFIC? This is an extremely thoughtful post. The world needs more people who would create an article like this that could help the struggling moms out there trying to make money online.

      This article has helped me A LOT. You see, I’m starting a new venture. This is the first venture of mine where I will be really trying to drive good free traffic. I never really tried before. This new venture (site) is ‘the one’. It literally HAS to work if I can get enough quality, targeted traffic to it, and this site could make BILLIONS. So what I am looking for is high quality, PERMANENT (no work needed to maintain – long term – hands-free), targeted, free traffic, and this article has laid out Some of these types of traffic sources. Some very good ones.

      High quality, permanent, targeted free traffic is the best type of traffic you could get. It’s hands free and pure ROI. So I highly recommend that anyone reading who needs traffic look into it. Some good high quality, permanent, targeted, free traffic sources you could use are number one, BaLooZo ( ), an ad site where you could post a permanent ad and push it to the top of the search results for your keywords and your category’s page 10 times a day, and there are advanced ad statistics. There are also feature PPC ads that go on top of the free ads that you could bid on for the first position, with a $0.001 load minimum and a $0.001 click minimum, in case you want to eventually pay for traffic, as well. You just sign up, post a permanent free ad and you’re getting permanent, free traffic forever.

      Number two is, a photo sharing site. To get traffic with this site you have to create interesting, niche targeted images or take interesting niche targeted photos or screenshots, sign up, upload the photos using proper tags (keywords) to make the traffic targeted, and say in the description of the photo: “Feel free to use this image, but give credits to”, and then you’re getting permanent, targeted, free traffic forever from people sharing your photos and crediting your link.

      Thanks a lot, Lincoln. You really don’t know what this means for me and how much you’ve just helped me.

      Does anyone know any other ways I could get permanent, targeted, free traffic? I would be ever-thankful if you could share one with me.

  2. Great presentation. It added to a couple of other articles I have recently read on the topic:

    The latter one is fairly detailed, and coves many of the same ideas as your presentation. What I like about the Noob Guide is that it breaks it down to monthly action items. What I like about your presentation is the straight forward and easy to understand bullet points. Thank you also for providing useful references to forums, directories, ad networks, etc.

    A couple of things you have not mentioned here are loyalty marketing and mobile marketing. Perhaps you cover this in one of your other articles, but I’d be interested in knowing what your thoughts are on marketing a SaaS using these two media?

    Note to readers: While most methods in the Noob Guide reference are principles not dependent directly upon a particular version of a technology, some methods are outdated. An example of this is the section on Facebook marketing. Facebook, like Google, like to change things up, so you need to always pay attention to their changes – and especially their Terms & Conditions. I’ve heard many stories about companies that missed a T&C update and later got banned from FB. Fixing it can be done, but it’s a mess. Take a look at for some useful hints. You can also look into FB contests and Sponsored Stories.

  3. “Before you spend a lot of time or money getting traffic to your site, make sure the site – and your app – are designed to engage and convert; otherwise you’re wasting effort & money!”

    Sadly I have worked with too many companies who have not been willing to spend the required time and energy on making that happen. It’s critical though to your success, because it doesn’t matter how much traffic you send if you’re losing them before they give you money/contact info.

  4. LOVE the SlideShare.

    Doing many of these for our Startup SocialQuant. For #31 Referrals, any software/plugins you’d recommend to incentivize existing customers or new sign-ons to refer?

  5. Keypoint! “Before you spend a lot of time or money getting traffic to your site, make sure the site – and your app – are designed to engage and convert; otherwise you’re wasting effort & money!” Thank you so much Lincoln!

  6. Great post , Lincoln!
    I love your yellow warnings. Cheers!

  7. Hi Lincoln,

    Just to echo what everyone else said – thanks for the valuable post. I’m wondering – it’s been 5 years since the 2012 slide deck was created. Did you by chance create any updated version of it – something that reflects the 2017 state of things?


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