SaaS Free Trials: Common Problems with Sign-up Forms

I just posted the video from the 12/21 Group Coaching call to the Free Trial Dominator site.

I started by showing an email sent by 37Signals to former prospects as a way to get them to come back. It used the “updated feature” method.

I reviewed the marketing sites – from the marketing site, to the Free Trial sign-up process, and first in-app experience – of these five Free Trial Dominator members:

We covered these topics (and more) today:

  • Common problems with Free Trial Sign-up Forms
  • Managing in-trial and post-trial expectations during the sign-up process
  • How having too many data points can have a negative impact on sign-ups
  • Client Side Validation of form fields
  • Only having absolutely required fields on the first sign-up form.
  • How moving optional or less-important (i.e. fields that won’t let you contact the potential customer later) to later in the sign-up process
  • How even if all fields are required they should be marked as such
  • The pervasive use of Subdomains in apps and how this can negatively impact sign-ups
  • Call to Action on Main Site and Sign-up form
  • Free Trial Tie-in to Pricing Page / Bundles
  • An overall lack of Sales Copy & Trust Factors (like Phone Numbers) on sign-up forms
  • How to reduce the number of steps it takes someone to sign-up and start using your App
  • What “Engagement” means and how to avoid dumping a prospect into your app to fend for themselves.

Huh… No wonder today’s session went a little long!

Free Trial Dominator members can watch the Group Coaching Call video here.

You might need to login again to view the video and I also linked to it from the Dashboard page.

If you aren’t a Free Trial Dominator member, you can join the Free Trial Dominator program here!

I’ll talk to you next Wednesday @ Noon Eastern for our next Free Trial Dominator Group Coaching call.

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