1. Where did you find this stat?
    ” > 90% of the people who sign-up for your free trial leave, never to login again.”

    • I was being facetious, making light of the fact that you can’t figure out why the majority of the prospects in your trial sign-up but don’t convert. It’s not a stat, it’s commentary.


  1. […] a post where I talk about Engagement in Free Trials and how the lack of engagement kills Free Trial […]

  2. […] number 1 reason your free or trial users don’t convert is because they don’t really engage with your product. […]

  3. […] Is the first page your new Free Trial customer sees upon login engaging? The Number One reason free trials fail to convert is that they don’t engage customers quickly enough. That first page should be friendly, simple, and lead the user to successfully use the tools provided. […]

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