1. I’ve been reading your articles. Most of the time my time-spent vindicated. However one statement by you doesn’t add up to me. It is ‘Customer Success is NOT about Customer Happiness’.

    We orchestrate cs team, devise strategy and play with stats so that a customer can gain maximum from the services. And the maximum value makes them happy.

    Can you please help with this?

    • I can’t solve for your happiness. I can only work to make you successful. And when I do, you may push back on me to deliver more, you’ll consume more services and open more support tickets, ultimately leading to a feeling that you’re not “happy” … but you’re definitely successful. If I don’t understand that, I may worry that you’re a churn risk when you’re actually a great customer and conversely think that because you’re not pushing back or opening tickets that everything is fine; but it’s not.

      Look, at a human level, I want people around me to be happy… but at a business level, I can’t solve for your happiness. And from a Customer Success standpoint, if I know you’re continuing to achieve your evolving Desired Outcome, I know we’re good.


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