1. Hey Lincoln, great article thanks!

    Would you agree that native mobile apps are really SaaS also, at least since automatic updates were enabled on both iOS and Android?

    Would you also agree that somebody needs to coin a new phrase that embodies all forms of automagically updating software under a single umbrella?

    I do believe we need a new phrase in our industry that doesn’t have any connotations with the nature of the distribution/technology but should reflect the nature of how the product can be consumed. SaaS just doesn’t do it for me when it comes to Apps, its its just got too much baggage from its web and cloud computing heritage…

    PaaS has already been taken by ‘Platform as a Service’ but could have been ‘Product as a Service’ I suppose.

  2. Hey – good points. Can you tell me what you feel about the need for a multi tenant company to provide a separate instance for very large cluster deals (100 customers in one purchase) where some customization is needed?

    Also, what do you think about hybrid cloud options and how to look at them as a multi-tenant provider?

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