Beta Testing & Pricing: Examples (Video)

Before you watch this video, you should watch the 25-minute Beta Testing & Pricing: A Hazardous Combination video for better context.

In 2011 I pulled together this ~35 minute presentation  for a group of SaaS entrepreneurs – literally overnight – where I explore the marketing sites of around 25 SaaS & Web App startups in Beta.

I show and talk about many of the things they’re doing could lead to a bad Beta exit, including the publication of prices. While I covered most of the pitfalls and problems to avoid in my Beta Testing & Pricing video presentation, these examples will really help you see what I was talking about.

Do you prefer to listen on the go? Download the .mp3 audio file (34MB) here.

Remember, you should watch the 25-minute Beta Testing & Pricing: A Hazardous Combination video for better context.

Examples Used in the Video

Many of these are different now – it’s been a long time – but I wanted you to have the links anyway. Might be interesting to compare where they are now with what they were doing while in Beta.

I hope this helps you avoid some of the pitfalls others have encountered as you get your venture off the ground!

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