AX-Based Coverage Segments: Customer Success Evolved

The only universal truth in Customer Success is that it’s always evolving. 

If you’re using the strategies and tactics popular even 3 years ago, you’re being left behind.

The more contact our ideas, frameworks, and methodologies have with customers,  the more we learn, and the more things need to evolve.

And over the past few years, that evolution has happened far more rapidly than anyone could have foreseen.

The world of Customer Success is Ripe for Disruption

Traditional approaches to Customer Success Management – often held tightly by those that have implemented them –  have left companies still grappling with high churn, higher contraction, low expansion, their limited resources stretched thin, and burnout and turnover among Customer Success Managers (CSMs).

But what if there was a fundamentally different way to think about your customers, a method so innovative that it could revolutionize how we approach Customer Success and capacity planning?

Enter Appropriate Experience (AX)-based Coverage Segments, the future of Customer Success.

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Build a Social Proof Machine: Consistently Generate Real Advocates at Scale

As a Head of Customer Success, you’ve heard the benefits of advocacy.

You get that it’s somehow the golden ticket—a game-changer that’s supposed to turn the business flywheel faster than ever.

But somehow, the magic hasn’t happened for you.

Your advocacy program is more of a flicker than a flame, and you’re wondering if the whole thing is just hype.

Sound familiar?

What if I told you that you’re just scratching the surface and that there are strategies you’ve probably never considered, strategies that could radically shift how you view advocacy?

Before you write off advocacy as another failed experiment, let’s take this as an opportunity to dissect what you might be missing.

Yes, customer advocacy is critical to growth; you’re not wrong about that.

But let’s dive into three paradigm-shifting ideas that will not just validate your gut instincts about the power of advocacy but also give you a fresh playbook to run with.

Get ready, because you’re about to have a “light bulb” moment—or three.

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Understand, Classify, and Effectively Analyze Churn

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The Power of Curiosity in Customer Success

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Creating Customer Success Playbooks with ChatGPT

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Customer Success: Defined (2024)

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