SaaS Affiliate Marketing: How-To Supercharge Your Growth

I’ve been asked if you can “quick start” a new venture or reinvigorate an existing offering with SaaS affiliate marketing?

Here’s the answer I generally give… “it depends.”

Okay, let me dig in a little deeper.

SaaS affiliate marketing can really super-charge your growth, BUT if you don’t have everything in alignment (or your ducks in a row), you won’t super-charge anything!

Think of it like this… if you have a super-charger and no engine to put it on, the super-charger doesn’t really help, right?

For SaaS affiliate marketing to work, you have to:

  • Be clear about your target audience
  • Have your value prop super-powerful and targeted to that audience.
  • Ensure the rest of your marketing is on target for that audience
  • Make sure your Free Trial is optimized, especially to keep affiliates interested if you pay only on conversions!

Not to mention your Pricing Strategy, landing pages, sign-up process, etc.

Plus you have to have a way to manage and communicate with your affiliates, keep them excited and above all… ensure they get paid for  what they bring and get paid on time… every time.

The SaaS Affiliate Marketing Catch-22

The pushback I often get from that is “if I do all that, I might not need affiliates”… which is correct.

You don’t *need* a super-charger on your engine – the engine will get you down the road – but the super-charger makes you go FASTER… which is awesome.

I suppose that analogy could play out fast, but the bottom line is, you can waste a lot of time/money/resources chasing affiliate marketing too early when your time might be better spent optimizing your base first.

Put another way… if you don’t know what you’re selling or to whom, it will be hard for others to sell it for you!

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