1. Jonas Araujo says:


  2. Great system Greg!

    Particular the point about searching Q&A type sites like Quora to uncover hypothesis about your customers pains – this is something I did a LOT of with to see if there was enough genuine frustration with current solutions (and then we did an Unbounce page!)

    To expand on the twitter account though, when you have a few different product USP’s, one method is to create a unique account with name and the one liner in each, follower 1,000 of your ideal customers with each account, and then after 1 week, compare how many follow backs and click throughs each profile got 🙂

    • Liam, no wonder you’ve came up with such a great product! Awesome to hear a few words on how you actually started 🙂 Nice tactics with Twitter, much easier than page A/B testing and using AdWords!.

  3. It is very easy to miss this part and focus on wrong segments first. This will certainly help focusing on right segments. Thanks!

    To increase chances of success, I am making my own list of steps to follow in a startup. And following them for my startup Till now, the first step was Lean Canvas. But Ash suggests making a canvas for each segment. So now I have added this as the first step, so we can prioritize the segments and then make canvases for the top segments.

    For my own use, I made a Google spreadsheet to make it easy to use this hack. I have also added tips, validation etc at cells. Sharing it so that your readers can easily copy the sheet and start playing:


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