1. […] CCAs: The In-App CRO Metric Specific to SaaS […]

  2. […] into any tweaks you make to your process. Lincoln Murphy at SixteenVentures offers his interesting CCA metric, which measures what paying customers do. An obvious alternative is to measure what abandoning […]

  3. […] Use a set of Metrics specific to on-boarding and engagement […]

  4. […] SaaS apps like Pixlr have eliminated the signup stage for using the editor. That way, if you need a quick, no nonsense image editor – you just pop in and use it. And if you like the UI, you’ll go back when you need more serious features. Here are some excellent insights and tips on increasing free trial conversion rates. […]

  5. […] though – to be successful – a timed auto-responder sequence would still depend on your Common Conversion Activities (CCAs) which depend on your product, your customer, complexity, price, position, […]

  6. […] once they are in the Free Trial they are moved through milestones (I call them CCAs: Common Conversion Activities) and when certain milestones are met, the sales person is notified that the customer is ready to […]

  7. […] you can break down engagement into user actions, it’s the starting point for developing those – the context – that changes the […]

  8. […] enticing offer, especially if triggered base on their actual usage during the trial (i.e. once they complete the CCAs, make them the offer… I like to use One Time Offers that will never be available […]

  9. […] fact, done correctly, you can easily work past that point and get them on the path to conversion… but that’s a story for another […]

  10. […] improving the on-boarding process and the UI and UX and CX and BS, to focusing on making the customer happier, working to make them […]

  11. […] Orchestrate the process around Common Conversion Activities (CCA) […]

  12. […] But that’s exactly what SaaS marketing should do. Giving away a free product or service is one of the most standard and widely-accepted SaaS marketing strategies. The “free trial” is a strategic marketing strategy for SaaS customer acquisition and onboarding. […]

  13. […] For many SaaS and cloud service providers, 100% of customers sign up for a free trial as part of the sales process — yet one study suggested that even the best-in-class of SaaS marketers were losing a staggering 75% of those who signed up for a free trial before they entered their credit card details. […]

  14. […] there’s this concept of Common Conversion Activities (CCAs) that shows what prospects in your Free Trial did right before they became a customer. Once […]

  15. […] the past I’ve talked about Common Conversion Activities (CCAs), and they’re still relevant. However, remember that CCAs are generally derived from usage […]

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