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SaaS Free Trial: The #1 Reason You Fail to Convert Customers

The #1 reason your SaaS free trial is failing to convert customers is simple…

Right after a prospective customer signs-up for your Free Trial, you fail to engage them.

Data shows that prospects active in the first 3 days of a SaaS Free Trial – regardless of trial length – convert at a significantly higher rate than those that are not active.

But you have to design your Free Trial with this in mind… design it to get them (and keep them) active and engaged.

And with statistics and experience on my side, I can safely assume that you dump your new-found (or newly paid-for) prospects into your app’s “Dashboard” without any guidance, letting them fend for themselves.

And then you wonder why > 90% of the people who sign-up for your free trial leave, never to login again.

DO THIS RIGHT NOW: Go look at the first screen someone will see right after they sign-up for your Free Trial… do it right now… is that going to really engage your potential customer?

In fact… take a screen shot of that first screen your potential customer sees right after they login for the first time.

Send it around your company and ask everybody if that is going to fully engage your customer.

In fact, request at least a 15-minute call on Clarity with me and let’s figure out how to make your SaaS Free Trial a Customer-Acquisition Machine!

Whatever you do, just make sure to look at that screen cap closely… that’s the thing that’s either going to hook’em and get them to start using your product as if they are already in production making conversion from a free user to a paying customer a no-brainer…

…or the thing that’s going to drive them away.

One young company that I worked with recently had the latter… a staggering 99% of the prospects that signed-up for their Free Trial logged-in just one solitary time and then NEVER CAME BACK!!!!

They thought they just needed to buy more traffic (they already spent $4k/month on AdWords, too!) but they didn’t – yet…

… what they needed was to fix their Engagement problem (which we did, BTW).

But maybe you’re thinking “yeah, but my product does so many things and I want them to see what all it can do… I don’t want to keep them from seeing all of my app’s goodness.

The reality is they won’t see it all; they’ll just leave.

Confused minds don’t try (or buy)… they leave… and they never come back.

You must engage your prospects and help your product “sell itself” whether you have a low-touch or high-touch sales process.

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