1. Excellent list and I’ve got 5 new environments to explore thanks to you! Cheers, Brad

  2. Great presentation. It added to a couple of other articles I have recently read on the topic:

    The latter one is fairly detailed, and coves many of the same ideas as your presentation. What I like about the Noob Guide is that it breaks it down to monthly action items. What I like about your presentation is the straight forward and easy to understand bullet points. Thank you also for providing useful references to forums, directories, ad networks, etc.

    A couple of things you have not mentioned here are loyalty marketing and mobile marketing. Perhaps you cover this in one of your other articles, but I’d be interested in knowing what your thoughts are on marketing a SaaS using these two media?

    Note to readers: While most methods in the Noob Guide reference are principles not dependent directly upon a particular version of a technology, some methods are outdated. An example of this is the section on Facebook marketing. Facebook, like Google, like to change things up, so you need to always pay attention to their changes – and especially their Terms & Conditions. I’ve heard many stories about companies that missed a T&C update and later got banned from FB. Fixing it can be done, but it’s a mess. Take a look at for some useful hints. You can also look into FB contests and Sponsored Stories.


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