1. hi,

    This is a very sensible post about partnering with others to reach out to their customers. i really liked the cautionary words about the actual fit of the segment and the product.

    I’m currently in the process of working with a potential partner and strangely enough, I had asked myself the same questions like “What’s in it for him to make my product available to his customers?” and more importantly “Why should his existing customers get excited about my offering?”.

    I liked welcoming them in a special page rather than a generic page and taking it on.



    • Thank you! This is amazing advice for maximising the benefits from a marketing partnership.

      I will reach out to you through another channel, but allow me to introduce you to

      It’s a platform that allows anyone (Including developers of SaaS products) search for ideal marketing partners, and enter into win-win marketing deals with them. These deals can include Tweet swops, newsletter inserts, swapping of guest blog posts, or any other deal that makes sense.

      Thanks for a great post.


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  2. […] Use Partner Offers to Quickly Grow Your Business […]

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