SaaS Growth Hacking Experts Resource Guide

Growth Hacking isn’t a set of tactics or just about getting cheap traffic to your website… Growth Hacking is a mindset.

It’s not just about getting traffic on the cheap; it’s about understanding and exploiting customer behavior, technology, and distribution.

Real Growth Hackers use their imagination to pull all of that together to drive growth, however growth is defined (revenue, users, etc.).

It’s nice to finally have a term for what I’ve been doing since 2006 for SaaS vendors – Growth Hacking.

I put together this list of my best Growth Hacking resources to help grow your SaaS business and reach your goals.

Growth Hacking Resources for SaaS Vendors

You’ll note that some of these are focused on customer acquisition and some are focused on retaining customers. Growth Hacking can – and should – be applied across the entire customer lifecycle.

Let’s Grow your SaaS Business

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– Lincoln

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