SaaS Pricing Strategy: The 10x Rule

First thing to clearly understand when developing your SaaS pricing strategy; pricing is a function of Marketing. If you think creating your SaaS pricing strategy is a function of Finance, Accounting, Operations, or even Sales… you’re doing it wrong. That means anyone who comes up with a price for their app (or for your app) […]

Display a Phone Number to Increase Conversions?

Does displaying a Phone Number on your website Increase Conversions? I’ve been talking about Trust Factors and their effects for years and as I’ve done more work in this area others have taken an interest, too. For instance, LessAccounting got a 2% lift in paid conversions they were able to correlated directly to adding a phone number […]

SaaS Affiliate Marketing: How-To Supercharge Your Growth

I’ve been asked if you can “quick start” a new venture or reinvigorate an existing offering with SaaS affiliate marketing? Here’s the answer I generally give… “it depends.” Okay, let me dig in a little deeper. SaaS affiliate marketing can really super-charge your growth, BUT if you don’t have everything in alignment (or your ducks […]

Year-End Free Trial Conversion Ideas

Today is December 26, 2011. You have 6 days – including today – until the year 2011 is over and done with. So what are you doing to convert those currently in your Free Trial to customers in 2011? It isn’t too late to convert them! I’m willing to bet that you have some users […]

Focus on People, not Features, in 2012 (Happy Holidays!)

For a lot of us, the holidays are a time of reflection. Looking back on 2011, I’d say this has been one wild and crazy year! I’ve spent a ton of time working with the best SaaS & Web App companies on the planet to get them more customers. Save for the occasional social network […]

The Free Trial Secrets of 100’s of SaaS vendors… just for you

Peter Drucker famously said “The purpose of a business is to create a customer.” I say “The purpose of a Free Trial is to create a customer.” If you believe my version, then the Free Trial Dominator is for you. I’m capping Charter Memberships at the first 10 members and I’ll close it down as […]

SaaS & Web Apps: Optimize Your Pricing Page for 2012

Your Pricing Page is the most important marketing page on your site. Don’t believe me? Think about this… if 100% of your sales come from the Pricing Page, then you better believe that it’s the most important page on your site! And it better be designed to convert! There are some very specific things that […]

SaaS Affiliate Marketing: Your Virtual Salesforce

One benefit of SaaS Affiliate Marketing is knowing exactly what your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) will be! Whether you’ve considered creating an affiliate marketing program for your SaaS or Web App – or not – or even if you currently have one, you NEED to watch my interview with Jack Born. BTW, here are three […]

Copywriting for Geeks Author Marc-Andre Cournoyer Teaches You How to Sell Your App

Is Writing Good Sales Copy still Important? For SaaS & Web App companies it is EVEN MORE IMPORTANT today than ever before! Wistia has kindly donated business video hosting to me, which pretty much makes them awesome! This is why I interviewed Marc-Andre Cournoyer, author of “Copywriting for Geeks” and have shared it with you […]

Assistly Marketing VP Tells You Why They Dropped Tiered Pricing and Picked Up Freemium

UPDATE: Assistly was acquired by shortly after we did this interview… they are now I sat down and chatted with Assistly’s SVP of Marketing Matt Trifiro via Video Skype and he spilled his guts for you about why Assistly changed their pricing, adopted Freemium, and set out to disrupt the market… all at […]

Web App Sales Funnel: 2 Questions You MUST Answer

SaaS and Web App companies must manage marketing metrics, but before diving in too deep, answer these two questions. What if I told you there are two questions that you probably don’t immediately know the answer to but if you did would absolutely change your view of your self-service “sales funnel?” Would you want to […]

SaaS Pricing Model: Value Metrics Are Key

Your SaaS Pricing Model should be built around what the customer values, which probably means staying away from “commodity” metrics like storage. I find most articles about “SaaS Pricing Model” to be less-than-helpful because they almost always fail to take into consideration the WIIFT of the customer – the What’s In It For Them. Most […]

37Signals Caught Treating SaaS Pricing Page like a Marketing Page

The popular Web App company actively tests their pricing page layout. I was asked over the weekend if I saw the noise about 37Signals raising their prices. I had not so it was very nice to hear from colleagues looking for my opinion on the matter. So, here’s my opinion on the 37Signals price-raising uber-scandal; […]

Does Goldilocks Pricing Work for SaaS?

A Pricing Strategy for SaaS built for the sole purpose of nudging customers away from a decoy price to the middle version can work. I was asked for my thoughts on this question someone posted on Quora: “Based on your real-world experiences, does Hal Varian’s ‘Goldilocks pricing’ result in most buyers choosing the middle option?” […]