SaaS Affiliate Marketing: Your Virtual Salesforce

One benefit of SaaS Affiliate Marketing is knowing exactly what your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) will be!

Whether you’ve considered creating an affiliate marketing program for your SaaS or Web App – or not – or even if you currently have one, you NEED to watch my interview with Jack Born.

BTW, here are three vendors that will allow you to easily offer and manage an affiliate program for your SaaS or Web App:

Leveraging a massive SaaS Affiliate Marketing salesforce

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Think of SaaS Affiliate Marketing as Leverage

I’ve wanted to get Jack in front of you for… well, since I met him because what he knows about Affiliate Marketing can absolutely change your SaaS or Web App business.

Jack is the king of Affiliate Marketing and he shares a TON of awesome information with us about how to get a MASSIVE online Salesforce working to send you customers.

Did you know companies like AWeber, Evernote, Loop11, BigCommerce, SuccessFactors, LessAccounting, SurveyGizmo, and Unbounce are leveraging the power of the affiliate sales channel to accelerate sales right now?

So there’s got to be something to it, right?

But in my experience, far too many SaaS and Web App companies haven’t even considered affiliate marketing as many equate it with “Internet Marketing” and write it off as “it won’t work here.”

But that isn’t the case and I hope my conversation with Jack Born not only changes your view on Affiliate Marketing and how it relates to B2B SaaS & Web Apps, but takes it a step further and fires you up.

Jack is the go to guy that many of the top marketers turn to for finding and recruiting an affiliate salesforce. For example, he is the affiliate manager for World-Renowned Google Adwords expert, Perry Marshall.

Jack earned the nickname “The Alchemist” for his ability to transform average promotions into six figure campaigns.

Jack also pioneered the Tactical Triangle concept for rapidly growing conversion, traffic and profits. We talk about the Tactical Triangle concept during our conversation.

Once your done watching this video, head over to Jack’s site – Affiliate Sales Channel – and download his Tactical Triangle Marketing report.

When you do that you’ll also be notified of the webinar he and I are going to do that goes into specifics on the ideas we cover in this AMAZING conversation.

Curious how we could Accelerate your Profitable Growth – including by creating or optimizing an Affiliate Program for you? Contact me and we’ll setup a time to discuss your options for improving and accelerating customer acquisition.

– Lincoln
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  1. Quick question… Jack mentioned that it was very important to have your life time value and customer acquisition cost “locked down”, but what if you are a new company (only a couple months old)? It would seem to me that if you don’t use the “going negative” strategy and just pay a recurring % of your subscription fee to the affiliate you are mitigating the risk? Is this true. Any thoughts on very early affiliate marketing methods?

    • You want to know the CLV and CAC before you “go negative” for sure… you don’t want to pay out $100 if your CLV is only $50.

      And you’re right, for a new company you can’t know those things yet, though you can make some assumptions and for specific industries – like hosting (as Jack mentioned) or specific categories of SaaS – you might be able to find average customer lifetimes (not across SaaS as a whole, just the category; project management, CRM, etc.).

      If you were to use industry data and basically guess… I’d limit those negative payouts to a certain number of deals and see how they work out before doing that on an unlimited number of transactions (great way to kill your business and burn your cash).

      To your point about just paying a % of recurring revenue rather than going negative… you’re right, you can do that. It is much safer at this stage of the game and it can work out nicely for everyone involved.

      That said… the reason companies “go negative” and offer a big chunk up front to their partners is that it simply gets the affiliates more interested and willing to promote your stuff. They see $50 today as a lot better than $3/mo for 36 months ($108 total).

      Hope that helps!

      – Lincoln

  2. Good point about $50 today being better than $108 over three years (a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!). Also, I like the idea of doing a subset of “negative” deals as a test scenario. Thanks for the response!

  3. The problem with JV’s for me inspite of the great idea in theory it is you have to overcome the inertia about the product in terms of stability because they may feel you may not be in buisness or your SAAS service may break down so I think a discussion on how to minimize those new product stability concerns is at hand. With branded products this is not the case but for really good fledgling products it is. What would you say would be good a good fit affiliate channel for a CRM product.


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