SaaS Affiliate Marketing: Your Virtual Salesforce

One benefit of SaaS Affiliate Marketing is knowing exactly what your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) will be!

Whether you’ve considered creating an affiliate marketing program for your SaaS or Web App – or not – or even if you currently have one, you NEED to watch my interview with Jack Born.

BTW, here are three vendors that will allow you to easily offer and manage an affiliate program for your SaaS or Web App:

Leveraging a massive SaaS Affiliate Marketing salesforce

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Think of SaaS Affiliate Marketing as Leverage

I’ve wanted to get Jack in front of you for… well, since I met him because what he knows about Affiliate Marketing can absolutely change your SaaS or Web App business.

Jack is the king of Affiliate Marketing and he shares a TON of awesome information with us about how to get a MASSIVE online Salesforce working to send you customers.

Did you know companies like AWeber, Evernote, Loop11, BigCommerce, SuccessFactors, LessAccounting, SurveyGizmo, and Unbounce are leveraging the power of the affiliate sales channel to accelerate sales right now?

So there’s got to be something to it, right?

But in my experience, far too many SaaS and Web App companies haven’t even considered affiliate marketing as many equate it with “Internet Marketing” and write it off as “it won’t work here.”

But that isn’t the case and I hope my conversation with Jack Born not only changes your view on Affiliate Marketing and how it relates to B2B SaaS & Web Apps, but takes it a step further and fires you up.

Jack is the go to guy that many of the top marketers turn to for finding and recruiting an affiliate salesforce. For example, he is the affiliate manager for World-Renowned Google Adwords expert, Perry Marshall.

Jack earned the nickname “The Alchemist” for his ability to transform average promotions into six figure campaigns.

Jack also pioneered the Tactical Triangle concept for rapidly growing conversion, traffic and profits. We talk about the Tactical Triangle concept during our conversation.

Once your done watching this video, head over to Jack’s site – Affiliate Sales Channel – and download his Tactical Triangle Marketing report.

When you do that you’ll also be notified of the webinar he and I are going to do that goes into specifics on the ideas we cover in this AMAZING conversation.

Curious how we could Accelerate your Profitable Growth – including by creating or optimizing an Affiliate Program for you? Contact me and we’ll setup a time to discuss your options for improving and accelerating customer acquisition.

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Why OfficeDrop Went Freemium… and how Mobile Apps forced their hand

Was OfficeDrop forced into Freemium at phone-point?

Healy Jones, VP Marketing at OfficeDrop, told me exactly how leveraging mobile apps made Freemium the right strategy for them.

Do you prefer to listen on the go? Download the .mp3 audio file (33.7MB) here.

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If you aren’t familiar with OfficeDrop, it is a really cool SaaS startup out of Boston that started out with the ethos of “web only”… no installed software.

Healy (@healyhoops on Twitter) goes into great detail about how they eventually started to use installed software on PCs and Macs to extend their cloud service – they have to integrate with peripherals like document scanners – and then moved into mobile device-native apps.

And that was what CHANGED EVERYTHING!

They realized mobile apps weren’t just an extension of the product functionality, but also a distribution channel to new customers.

While that sounds great, what they found forced them to make some massive changes… including adopting the Freemium model.

Healy also goes into detail on how they avoid commoditization in their pricing – especially around storage – and the surprising results they saw when they added a Free plan to their pricing page… it was not what they expected to happen.

Then we round out this amazingly awesome and mind-blowing conversation with some ideas on how to fire up your Free Trial conversion rates.

This is an awesome interview that you will learn a SUPER HUGE TON from and I can’t wait for you to watch it.

Tell me and Healy what you think in the comments…

Copywriting for Geeks Author Marc-Andre Cournoyer Teaches You How to Sell Your App

Is Writing Good Sales Copy still Important? For SaaS & Web App companies it is EVEN MORE IMPORTANT today than ever before!

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This is why I interviewed Marc-Andre Cournoyer, author of “Copywriting for Geeks” and have shared it with you here:

With all of the noise out there, the better your sales copy the more likely you are to stand out from the crowd.

The ability to write good sales copy NEVER goes out of style… the medium will change, but the fundamentals don’t.

I discovered this awesome, FREE e-book called “Copywriting for Geeks” by Marc-Andre Cournoyer.

The thing that Marc-Andre did that struck me as particularly cool was that he didn’t just put out yet another book on writing Sales Copy… he did it with a very specific audience in mind: technical entrepreneurs.

Now whether those technical entrepreneurs are selling software, online courses, e-books, etc. he wants more “geeks” to not just learn to sell, but to embrace the art of selling.

I run into technical founders all the time that are not comfortable with “selling” at all… and place writing sales copy on the same level as teasing babies, wearing a coat made of puppies, and other cartoon-villian evil shenanigans.

But even if you aren’t a “geek” I HIGHLY recommend you watch this awesome interview.

We can all use more help in selling our stuff, right?

Even if you’re killing it, I bet there is still room for improvement.

I suggest that – after you watch my interview with Marc-Andre – you download his e-book and join his mailing list by visiting the “Copywriting for Geeks” site.

What do we cover in the interview?

In this interview Marc-Andre talks about how to get into a sales-oriented mindset, why “geeks” – or more technical-oriented folks – might not immediately gravitate toward wanting to “sell” their stuff… and why that is absolutely critical if you want any level of success with the products you build.

Marc-Andre goes on to talk about how good Sales Copy can help sell your products, exactly how he found out the importance of writing good copy and how it basically CHANGED HIS LIFE.

From reading his book, I know that Marc-Andre is as big a fan of Robert Cialdini’s book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” (he does a great job of breaking down Cialdini’s work and making it applicable to web copywriting in his Copywriting for Geeks book) as I am.

So during our discussion I asked him to give us an example of something you can do right now to improve your sales processes using some of the “Weapons of Influence” from Cialdini’s book.

Marc-Andre takes the ball and runs with it, focusing on the Social Proof “weapon” and even shares some techniques to get that BEFORE you launch your product or service.

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Once Marc-Andre and I closed the interview, we didn’t stop talking… and I didn’t stop recording!

We discussed a couple of VERY interesting ways to get your audience to know, like, and trust you… which is a precursor to them buying from you.

You can watch that extra conversation for FREE when you join my mailing list.

I hope you enjoy – and learn from – the conversation I had with Marc-Andre as much as I enjoyed – and learned from – having it.

Please comment below and let me know what you think.

Assistly Marketing VP Tells You Why They Dropped Tiered Pricing and Picked Up Freemium

UPDATE: Assistly was acquired by shortly after we did this interview… they are now

I sat down and chatted with Assistly’s SVP of Marketing Matt Trifiro via Video Skype and he spilled his guts for you about why Assistly changed their pricing, adopted Freemium, and set out to disrupt the market… all at the same time.

The conversation is about 40 minutes… Check it out:

Do you prefer to listen on the go? Download the .mp3 audio file (36.3MB) here.

Wistia has kindly donated business video hosting to me, which pretty much makes them awesome!

Recently SaaS startup Assistly changed their pricing strategy and included Freemium at the same time, and it made a huge splash with the industry news outlets.

This is just another reminder that Pricing is Marketing that we should all pay attention to.

While this change was covered by a ton of different media outlets – Matt and I were even interviewed for the same article – none of the articles went into the depth that I wanted on what is a pretty MASSIVE change.

So I reached out to Matt and asked him if we could talk about it and record it for you.

He thought that was an awesome idea, too, and we made it happen… just for you!

Some of the things you’ll learn:

  • Is Assistly just trying to acquire free users to sell to a company that will monetize them or are they using Freemium to drive revenue?
  • What the #1 metric SaaS vendors must focus on for long-term success
  • How to use behavior-driven In-App Marketing to effectively segment customers rather than up-front self-selecting market segmentation
  • Why SaaS companies shouldn’t look at Amazon Web Services as the sales model, but at e-commerce
  • How to create a system for pulling users into the app deeper to grow Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Why they moved away from tiered pricing
  • How Assistly moved the pricing / buying decisions to further in the app and extended the “funnel” into the product
  • And a TON more!

I hope you enjoy – and learn from – the conversation I had with Matt as much as I enjoyed – and learned from – having it.

Please comment below and let me know what you think.


– Lincoln