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SaaS Customer Success Experts Resource Guide

To efficiently scale your business, you must keep your SaaS churn rate low and constantly strive to improve Customer Success, reduce churn, improve customer retention, and growth Customer Lifetime Value (LTV).

I put together this list of my best resources to help you keep your customers and grow your SaaS business.

SaaS Churn and it’s Effect on Growth and Profitability

A SaaS business – or any company that leverages a recurring revenue business model – has the benefit of making a sale one time and generating revenue from that one-time sale for some time to come in the future. Many B2B SaaS companies have customer lifetimes of 24 months, 36 months,… and beyond.

Those successful SaaS companies don’t get customers to stick around for years by accident… they work hard to reduce SaaS churn and  understand customer retention is key to the success of their chosen business model.

Here are some posts that talk about why it is required to keep your SaaS churn rate to a minimum.

Tactical Methods of Reducing SaaS Churn

It’s all well and good to know why you need to keep SaaS churn to a minimum… but how do you do it?

These posts go into the tactics that I’ve found successful in helping SaaS companies drive down their SaaS churn rate and improve their customer retention.

I can’t tell you if these ideas are directly applicable to your SaaS business – we should probably talk about that – but these posts will hopefully get you thinking and start moving you in the right direction.

Let’s Improve your SaaS Churn Rate

For immediate consultation and advice on all things SaaS, schedule a 60-minute meeting with me via Clarity. If you feel a more involved engagement is required for me to help you, email me with the specifics of your situation (as much detail as you’re comfortable giving) and we’ll setup a meeting to work through the particulars.

– Lincoln

SaaS Freemium Model Resource Guide

I put together this list of my BEST SaaS Freemium posts just for you. I hope it helps!

If you’re curious how I help SaaS and Web App vendors increase conversions and improve retention / reduce churn, you can learn more and contact me here.

The 7 Secrets to DOMINATING Your Free Trials

Free Trial Dominator - The 7 Secrets to DOMINATING Your Free TrialsIn addition to the years I’ve been working with SaaS & Web App vendors, I’ve spent 2011 totally immersed in the business of free and have helped dozens of companies – from super early startups to MASSIVE $B/year companies – completely DOMINATE their free trials.

Nothing else I’ve done has produced such AWESOME results – so fast – for so many SaaS & Web App and traditional software companies. Yep… turns out my stuff works for non-SaaS companies too!

So I figured it was time to share my findings with you in another one of my free webinars.

This time I covered…

The 7 Secrets to DOMINATING Your Free Trials

#1 Metrics S’metrics

#2 Sales Funnel Fallacy

#3 The Product Won’t Sell Itself

#4 Freemium vs. Free Trials

#5 The Credit Card Wall

#6 The Perfect Free Trial Length

#7 No More Evaluations

I decided to post the video from the webinar so if you missed it live, or want to watch it again, just fill out the form below and you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to the ~65-minute video.

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