1. Lincoln (and Chris) this I’d brilliant. I will begin this plan of action tomorrow starting by tracking my time. I admit – I find it somewhat terrifying yet it must be done.

  2. Good message Lincoln. Looking into and next!

  3. I think this misses the point for startup founders. I think it’s much more about making and meeting commitments and establishing and maintaining trust than punching the most important item on a task list. In the end it’s about relationships with key customers, partners, and employees: all of these are built on trust.

    • Hey Sean, thanks for reading (and thanks for the feedback). I think it depends. Obviously relationships matter a ton in business, particularly in B2B but also in B2C when you’re initially earning user/customer trust. That said, in a heavily time and resourced-constrained environment (which most startup founders find themselves in), it can be more important to be “good enough” and fast than “painstakingly attentive to detail” and a step slower. The message here isn’t to neglect relationships, but it’s to make sure you understand how you allocate your time to those relationships and try to quantify as best as possible if that really is always the best allocation of your time (or your teams).

  4. Lincoln, Chris – very resourceful piece, thanks! I’m a big fan of oDesk – very convenient.
    Thanks for having us here!

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