SaaS Marketing – Web App Pricing Page Review:

A look at’s pricing page to see if the SaaS leader views it as a Marketing page.

I asked – both on Twitter and this blog – for people to send in what they thought were well-designed SaaS Pricing Pages. Someone that follows me on Twitter asked what I thought of’s Pricing Page. Well, why not? Let’s check out the pricing page of the top pure-play SaaS company in the world!

This is an ~8 minute video where we’ll see if treats their pricing page as a marketing page, whether there is value messaging, a strong call to action, a good use of Free, trust factors, etc.

Cool… now go watch a FREE video on the Basics of Pricing your SaaS or Web App (available in the SaaS & Web App Pricing Resource Guide). This is a 15-minute video that will change your ideas about pricing… forever.

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