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What Are The Best Customer Success KPIs?

As you can probably imagine, I’m asked all the time what the best Customer Success KPIs are.

What metrics should you use to know if your Customer Success initiative is working.

Here’s the deal. I’m not an analyst… I’m a consultant.

Companies hire me to help them rapidly acquire good-fit customers, keep those customers longer, get them to buy more over that extended lifetime, and get those customers to advocate for them, too.

That’s called Customer Success-driven Growth.

The reality is, though, that every company is at a different stage as a company, with their Customer Success initiative, etc. so wha the “best” metric for one company at one point may not be the best metric for another company (or even the same company) at a different time.

Let’s dig into this, but first I have to address something serious…

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You Can’t Solve Upstream Problems Down Stream

When it comes to Customer Success, I’ve seen a lot of things.

I’ve seen what works (and what works REALLY works… it’s amazing).

Unfortunately, I’ve also seen what doesn’t work. A lot.

In 2017 I heard “Customer Success doesn’t work” way more than I ever expected.

The main reason I saw for Customer Success “not working” wasn’t org structure, comp plans, operations, wrong CSMs, etc.

No, the main problem wasn’t a CSM Org problem at all.

It actually starts further upstream.

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Customer Success is a Simple Concept (Don’t Overthink It)

Customer Success is a very simple concept that you’ll really want to overthink.

Resist the urge.

The beauty of this concept is in its simplicity.

Implementation is another story, though.

But the concept is simple.

My definition of Customer Success has evolved as my understanding of Customer Success has evolved.

The definition of Customer Success is very simple.

And here it is…

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Customer Success can’t fit into Existing Frameworks

I’ve been battling more and more misconceptions when it comes to Customer Success than the fewer that I expected.

I assumed as Customer Success became more well-received, moved more into the mainstream, and simply became more common that we’d all agree more on things… not less.

I was wrong.

I was WAY wrong.

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