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The 5 Fatal Flaws of most Customer Journey Maps

Customer Journey maps are a favorite tool of Customer Experience (CX) and Customer Success Management (CSM) professionals around the world.

Very often, they are elaborate, colorful maps – some look like movie storyboards or even children’s board games – that take the customer on a journey to nowhere.

What journey are you mapping? If it’s not the one that takes your customer to their Required Outcome in an Appropriate Way (together, those two things make up the customer’s Desired Outcome), then it’s a map to nowhere for the customer… and to churn for you.

Honestly, from a true Customer Success Management standpoint, we shouldn’t even be talking about maps at all. Instead, we should be talking about something more like a navigation app like Waze that doesn’t just show how to get from static point A to point B, but changes the journey (and ETA!) based on the realities on the ground (current location, traffic, obstacles, the driver simply ignoring directions, etc.).

But for now, we’ll talk “maps”… and here are five fatal flaws of Customer Journey maps; some will only have one of these, others will have all 5. Enjoy.

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