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Orchestrating Sales and Customer Success Alignment

orchestrating-sales-and-customer-success-alignmentIf you aren’t familiar with the concept of Customer Success yet, it’s when your customers achieve their Desired Outcome (what they need to achieve, the way they need to achieve it) through their interactions with your company.

Customer Success begins at the first interaction with prospects by your sales team, and continues across their entire lifecycle, and is required for scalable, repeatable Account Expansion.

Very often, Customer Success and Sales are thought to be on two different sides of the company, almost at odds.

But the best companies have Customer Success as their Operating Philosophy (the best of the best have Customer Success as their Operating Model), and they see that the Customer Success Management org and Sales are more similar than different, and when they bring them together, magical things (read: exponential growth) happen.

Let’s dig into this, shall we?

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Success Potential: The Foundation of Customer Success

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Customer Success starts with acquiring customers that have Success Potential.

Customers that have Success Potential are said to be good fit customers. This is the opposite of bad-fit customers that cannot get value from a relationship with us now or in the near future.

If you knowingly allow bad-fit customers to be acquired, nothing else you do in Customer Success will have the result you’re hoping for as those customers – no matter what you do – will never achieve their Desired Outcome.

In fact, if you’re a CEO that allows your sales people to sign customers without Success Potential, you should fire your Customer Success Management org because you’re just setting them up for failure anyway.

And if you’re a Customer Success Practitioner or Leader that works for a CEO that allows bad-fit customers to be signed, you should quit and go work for a CEO that isn’t setting you and your team up for failure.

Bottom line… if you want customers to:

  • Stay longer
  • Buy more
  • Advocate for you

…then don’t acquire customers without Success Potential!

Okay, so let’s dig into this concept of Success Potential, shall we?

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