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5 Steps to Unstick Your User Onboarding Flow

unstick-your-onboarding-flowThe other day I got an email from a SaaS CEO friend of mine telling me his product team is finally ready to tackle a major problem with their onboarding flow during their Free Trial.

It turns out they have one screen in the flow that is causing them big problems.

And in this case, a “big problem” is that prospects entering their Free Trial would, at some point, hit that screen and leave… never to be heard from again!

Yeah, that’s kind of a big problem.

Now, as you can imagine, this screen happens to be a very important piece of the customer onboarding process, meaning prospects or new customers can’t skip it, and changing it will take significant engineering resources (not just the screen itself, but all the stuff going on behind it).

That’s how screens like this get to be, well, screens like this, right?

This SaaS vendor has basically tackled all the low-hanging fruit around this screen, which means this screen sticks out like a massive sore thumb even more.

So, it’s time to make a change and unstick that stuck onboarding flow.

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