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SaaS Freemium Customer Acquisition Costs

I got an email the other day asking about Freemium Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) and whether or not to include the cost of supporting and marketing to free users in the cost of acquiring paying customers.

Here’s my quick answer and some other resources for you to check out.

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SaaS Marketing: Are you Lazy or Deliberate?

When it comes to SaaS marketing, we know that Random Effort Yields Random Results… but it gets worse.

The problem I see too often – and the catalyst for this epic post – isn’t Random Marketing, but what I call Lazy Marketing.

And lazy marketing is perhaps a more insidious form of marketing, if for no other reason than the fact that it looks like its

It’s not until you take a step back and examine what’s really going on – the actual results – that you see it is not only not working…

… but it’s killing your business.

It’s time to stop being lazy and get deliberate with your marketing.

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SaaS Churn: Measure Revenue or Customer Retention?

Okay, this is it… finally, my definitive answer on measuring SaaS churn!

I’ve heard it all before… things like “Lincoln, you talk about churn a lot, but you don’t ever say anything!”

First, that’s just hurtful.

Second, all of these “how do I measure the success of a SaaS business?” questions depend on so many different factors, it’s super-hard to generalize.

Wait… let me re-phrase that.

It’s super-easy to generalize; it’s just hard if you care about sending the wrong message.

And I don’t want to send the wrong message, so I’ve laid it out as simply as I can.

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SaaS Marketing: Random Effort Yields Random Results

Never is it more clear that random effort yields random results than when you look at the “marketing” of far too many SaaS companies…. maybe even yours.

Take a look at a SaaS company that’s stagnating or failing to reach their goals, and you almost always find this random hodgepodge of tactics that they “tried” at one time or another.

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SaaS Growth Hacking: An Interview with Lincoln Murphy

After I published “Rise of the Growth Copyists” where I said that really successful SaaS growth hacking is creative and that most just copy others, the guys over at reached out to me and wanted to setup an interview with me.

Definitely check it out… a good time was had by all…. but before you do, read the rest of this post!

SaaS Growth Hacking with Lincoln Murphy

During the 75-minute video interview, we deep-dive on such questions as:
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