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SaaS Customer Success: Eliminate ‘Dead Ends’ to Drive Engagement

What if I said there was something you were doing right now that was actively reducing your SaaS customer success?

What if that thing you’re doing was standing in the way of driving higher levels of engagement and was reducing the amount of expansion revenue you’re generating while potentially increasing churn?

What if I said there’s a very good chance you’re doing it right now and don’t even know it?

What if I said that it’s easy to fix if you just keep reading?

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SaaS Customer Success: Start with Quick Wins

SaaS Customer Success - Start with Quick WinsSaaS Customer Success starts by orchestrating “Quick Wins” for your customers, helping them bypass their natural tendency to seek out reasons not to use your service!

I was in Silicon Valley recently and I found myself talking about this idea of “Quick Wins” several times within the context of SaaS Customer Success and I wanted to share this idea with you, too.

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SaaS Churn Threats: Identify and Retain At-Risk Customers

Now that you are attracting the right customers and monitoring for and driving engagement to lower your SaaS Churn Rate, you need to start monitoring and getting proactive on Churn Threats.

SaaS churn threats aren’t just a signal that you have an at-risk customer; these are literally threats to your business, your revenue, your valuation & your ability to grow and they should be taken very seriously.

And since churn is a customer lifecycle issue, not just something that happens at the end of the customer lifetime, the seeds of churn are often planted early and they actually start to sprout over the course of the customer lifetime.

If you aren’t looking for it, you could miss that your customers are telling you that they’re going to stop paying you at some point very soon.

They’re telegraphing their next move and it’s up to you to read the signals and jump into action.

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