1. Great insights. Definitely a ballsy play to try and capture $ during the beta process, but at the same time bring total validation to the product. I absolutely love point # 5 about users wanting it to be sexy. I could not agree more and definitely feel most SaaS get this completely wrong in their rush to get an “MVP” to market. A well thought out design, then using a tool like invisionapp or something similar to have a prototype that you can then turn into a demo video – can give you the validation you need. All this without having written a single line of code.

    • Solid point about combining production-level design with a prototype tool like Invision!

      After taking perspective on the quality of feedback of the paid vs. free users, I’d recommend and repeat this process 100% now for any B2B launch. And even better, if I got 0% conversion rate, I’d know I needed a pivot before writing a single line of code ;)

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