Achieve Network Effect on a Smaller Scale

Piotr Zaniewicz - Right Hello

I was talking to my friend Piotr Zaniewicz the other day about the importance of network effects on SaaS businesses.I mentioned how the common misconception around network effects is that, in order to achieve a real network effect (this is the … [Continue reading]

Podcast: Customer Success is the Foundation of Your Success


Micky from Kahuna Accounting sent me an email to share that they grew their B2B business from 0 customers/0 revenue to 180 customers and $40k/month ($480k Annually) in just over a year, and a major part of that was their use of the Ideal Customer … [Continue reading]

3 Secrets of High-Converting SaaS Free Trials

3 Secrets of High-Converting SaaS Free Trials

While just about every B2B SaaS company offers a Free Trial - especially those with self-service sales models - in my experience, the percentage of SaaS companies that feel their Free Trial is "successful" is fairly low.Disappointingly low, … [Continue reading]

How To Get Sales To Help Test your Ideal Customer Profile

How to Get Sales to Help Test your Ideal Customer Profile

I was talking to the CEO of a SaaS startup on Clarity about a dilemma many companies go through.They've decided it's time to get deliberate about their progress and start testing their Ideal Customer Profile... but there's a problem.They … [Continue reading]

Stick Point: When Your SaaS Customer is Truly a Customer

Stick Point - What it is and Why it Matters in SaaS

In my recent article on accurately calculating your SaaS metrics, I mentioned how some customers shouldn't be considered customers yet.I referred to the fact that there's a "stick point" or that point in time in the early part of the customer … [Continue reading]

Free Trials Do Not Devalue Your Enterprise SaaS


The CEO of a SaaS company reached out to me on Clarity the other day and he had a very dangerous misconception that could seriously impact their potential as a company.I hope by talking about it here I can save more SaaS companies from falling … [Continue reading]

4 Undercover Ways to Hack Social for More Sales


How often do you hear the term "Social Selling" and either can't figure out what it actually means or just want to call shenanigans on it?You know you're not going to close a six-figure deal on Twitter, right? That's not reality. But that doesn't … [Continue reading]

The Success Gap: A HUGE Opportunity You Haven’t Considered


There is often a gap between the functional completion of your product and the customer's Desired Outcome.I call this the Success Gap.And this Success Gap that stands between what your product does and your customer's Desired Outcome is a … [Continue reading]

Your SaaS Metrics Are Wrong if You Include These Customers


A user is someone that uses your SaaS product, right? Or is it someone that signed-up? Or someone that's active? Or someone that logged-in a few times? Hmm.Okay, so maybe defining a user is hard, but defining a customer is easy, right?A … [Continue reading]

Active Users are a Vanity Metric


Active customers churn. And when they do we're shocked and confused.How can this happen? Your customer was very active, logging-in several times in the last month.I think it's fair to say that if Active customers churn, then "active" - as a … [Continue reading]