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[Replay] 7 Secrets to Increasing Conversions with Free Trials

7 Secrets to Increasing Conversions with Free Trials - Turn your Free Trial into a Customer-Creating Machine

Join the Free Trial Dominator Program for SaaS & Web Apps Today!

The Free Trial Dominator is a private, members-only program that combines Content, Community, and Coaching to help you transform your underperforming SaaS & Web App Free Trial into an efficient, customer-producing, conversion machine!

What you’ll have access to in the Free Trial Dominator is what I’ve developed after spending literally 1000’s of hours working with the SaaS, Web App, Cloud, and Software companies from around the world – Billion-dollar companies to the earliest startups – you might know some of them:

And I don’t pull any punches, either!

The Free Trial Dominator isn’t just a bunch of generic ideas and then an up-sell to consulting… nope, this is the “Secret Sauce” that I’ve previously only shared with my clients… and you get it all!

To pull this information together yourself would take hundreds of man-hours and cost you easily six-figures.

And hiring me to help you one-on-one starts at $5000/day!

But you get all of this – for 6 FULL MONTHS – for ONLY $297 when you sign-up before 11:59PM tonight!

In fact, check out these emails I just got from new members:

So join those guys that emailed me – and the rest of the Free Trial Dominator members from around the world – as a Charter Member right now and get 6-Months access to all of this:


The Free Trial Dominator content is super-actionable, value-packed, and Frequently Updated and is all about on how to make your Free Trial successful.

Lincoln’s insights and the library! The ability to go to website and watch all old videos. I was on travel and missed a lot – now I can go in catch up! It has made me realize a lot of things that need to be done!” – Sameer Bhatia, CEO ProProfs

What I really like about the Free Trial Dominator program is the email marketing tactics… that worked great for us! Lincoln, you challenge the status quo and you’ve made our Free Trial more effective!” – Jim Schultz, President AES Education

I am recommending my team view the content because its one of the few resources that provides a reliable insight into how to improve the trial sign up process.Mathew Meyers, CEO Vision6 / Co-Founder OfferedLocal

You get the following content, which, by the way, I am constantly updating or adding to:

Getting Started
– Geting Started Guide
– Gather Baseline Data

Free Trial Strategy
– The Free Trial Mindset Shift
– Attention Phase
– Engagement Phase
– Investment Phase
– Conversion Phase

Free Trial Domination Methods
– Pricing Page Design (Over 5 HOURS of content just in this part!)
– Free Trial Sign-up Form Design
– Email Marketing for Free Trial Success
– Super Ninja Tactics

– Additional Resources and Tools (links, spreadsheets, and more!)
– Complete Group Coaching Call Video Archive (~10 hours at this point)

The content consists of embedded videos – like the one above – that can play on any device – including iPhone and iPad thanks to Wistia – as well as accompanying notes, screen caps, examples, links, and ongoing updates after the videos were published.

You simply cannot find anything else like this anywhere, period.

And if you could, you wouldn’t be able to get 6-months of access to it for ONLY $297, that’s for sure!

But after today, this Charter Member offer goes away and you’ll never again be able to get 6 months of access to all of this great content for ONLY $297

Nope, after today, the price goes up to $540 for a 6-month membership… so don’t hesitate, Become a Charter Member right now for ONLY $297!


Having other folks in the same boat is a nice change (versus the typical “startup” group with a bunch of un-launched products, no customers, etc.).” – Dave Churchville, CEO, ClientSpot

I get to hear what like minded people are up to as it gives me ideas for my product.” – Mark Wilson, The Test Factory

You’ll join an active Community of real-life SaaS & Web App pros, executives, and owners from around the world who share their experiences in our Private, Members-Only Discussion List.

We talk about anything to do with running and marketing a SaaS or Web App business and I post a Weekly discussion topic; this week’s topic was “Do You Offer to Extend the Free Trial?”

Other topics we’ve talked about “Do you require a credit card to start a trial?” “Pre-trial Indoctrination techniques” and “Phone number on your website?”

Or how about this eye-opening, non-Free Trial related topic: “What tools do you use to run your SaaS business” where a bunch of companies shared what they use to run their businesses, from payment processing, to CRM, to billing, measurement/analytics, to hosting, email marketing, and more.

So many great SaaS & Web App companies at different stages sharing what works, what doesn’t, and giving insight to Founders, Executives, and SaaS Pros that previously was unavailable.

As one Free Trial Dominator member put it… “As a single founder, I’m not alone anymore!”

You won’t be alone anymore in your SaaS or Web App business either when you Become a Charter Member today for ONLY $297!


What I really LIKE about the Free Trial Dominator program is the sharing of real world examples in the webinars and the opportunity to network with and learn from others in the forum. It works really well when some are ahead of and some are behind where we are. I’ve already been helped and helped others in side conversations.” – Steven Mallows, GroupQuality

Your weekly sessions are also great, because it is more like “Weekly Staff Meetings”, which makes it great reason to attend and learn and share, even if we have had a good or bad week, minimum or maximum progress.” – Kevin Shahbazi

The interactivity and feedback are great. I work pretty much solo on my business, so getting advice, guidance and honest feedback is extremely useful for me. I’ve found it incredibly useful and think others working on a SaaS product would too.” – Tekin Suleyman,

I like that we meet every week. You hold your course really easy to understand. Especially for me this is very good because I am from Austria and speak german. But I can follow you very easy. 10 Points out of 10! I will recommend you to a friend of mine who also started to build a SaaS! I’ll tell him that he will loose a lot of money if he won’t join your program!” – Norbert Strappler

LIVE Weekly Group Coaching Calls – every Wednesday @ Noon Eastern

BTW, I’m working on the logistics of adding another call to accommodate FTD members in Europe, Australia and India; that should be live in the next couple of weeks.

– Discounts on Private, One-on-One Consulting with me, Lincoln Murphy, because FTD members have a more advanced understanding of Free Trials so we can be more effective when we work together privately.

This offer ends @ 11:59PM EST TONIGHT… so if you want in, don’t hesitate, become a Charter Member right now for ONLY $297!

– Lincoln
(972) 200-9317

PS: This offer ends at 11:59PM EST TONIGHT so if you want in, don’t hesitate, become a Charter Member today for ONLY $297!






















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