Learn A Simple Method For Defining and Identifying your Ideal Customers

To rapidly grow your SaaS business, you need to aggressively and efficiently ramp customer acquisition, and that starts with Defining and Identifying your Ideal Customer.

I’ll show you exactly how to do that on Wednesday, March 12, 2014, at 1PM Central in this online workshop [Paypal link].


Why having an Ideal Customer Profile is Critical to Growth

I’ve written several posts on why knowing who your Ideal Customer is critical to growth… here are a few of those, plus a couple from other blogs in case you want an unbiased opinion:


If after reading those you aren’t convinced that knowing who your Ideal Customer is, I can’t help you.

But, if you realize the value in having a clear Ideal Customer Profile,…

I’ll Show You Exactly How To Define and Identify your Ideal Customers

Join me for this no-frills, no-BS, super-actionable online workshop on Wednesday, March 12, 2014, at 1PM Central [Paypal link] and we’ll deep dive on:

  • Defining “Ideal” in the first place
    • …the most common definition
    • …common modifications to that definition
    • …the process for defining “Ideal” for your company
  • Creating your Ideal Customer profile
    • …when starting from scratch or bringing a new product to market
    • …when you have a lot of customer data to sift through (Data Science!)
    • …how you can work with multiple Ideal Customer profiles
  • Understanding the real competition for your Ideal Customer’s mindshare
    • …knowing what you’re displacing in your customer’s world
    • …how to position your offering for your Ideal Customer
    • …how to overcome a lack of features to dominate
  • Identifying actual prospects that match your Ideal Customer profile
    • …how to do this
    • …where to find these prospects
    • …what to do with that information once you have it
  • Ideas for getting in front of those prospects that match your Ideal Customer profile
    • …how to develop these ideas
    • …leveraging Growth Hacking to accelerate this process
    • …some examples of what’s working today
  • Plus… we’ll do a live Q&A at the end of the workshop
    • send in your questions before or during the workshop
    • we’ll set aside an entire hour after the workshop for this Q&A
  • Sign-up for the workshop by clicking here (Paypal link)
  • The investment for this workshop is just $108
  • If you take action based on what I show you and you don’t get more customers… I’ll give you your money back!


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • This isn’t just a rehash of stuff I’ve covered elsewhere… I’ve never talked publicly about most of this and where I have – or where I’ve presented it in other workshops – I’ve never gone into this depth before.
  • This workshop is 100% education, not a pitch for my consulting services or other products
  • I’ll present about 2 hours worth of content and then we’ll have 1 hour for Q&A
  • I will record it and give you access to the video, slides, and other materials… but only if you sign-up to attend live.
  • If you can’t stay for the Q&A, you can send in questions ahead of time, I’ll answer them live, and you’ll get the answers in the archive video.
  • Would there be much value in this for a pre-launch startup that is having difficulty deciding on who the “ideal customer” is in order to target them?
    • I believe this is valuable for everyone at any stage and that once you get this process down, it’ll change how you do everything no matter where you are in your company’s lifecycle
    • For pre-launch startups, the main difference is that you don’t know what you don’t know and everything tends to change rapidly and often… this often includes your target customer regardless of how well you defined them originally due to that “unknown unknown.”
    • You’ll learn things once in-market that will shift your understanding and your thinking – it just will, and this is good BTW – so knowing how to quickly define another Ideal Customer profile based on this improved learning is critical in my opinion.
    • So the caveat for someone at your stage is to just know that your startup will very likely encounter things that cause you to change and that – even with an Ideal Customer profile defined – you’re 100% allowed to make that change
    • If you’re good with that, I think this will be very valuable for you.
  • Please don’t sign-up if ugly slides will distract you too much to learn anything.
    • Seriously! The slides will be as ugly as this sales page… maybe worse… but the content is super-effective!
  • Again, if you take action based on what I show you and you don’t get more customers… I’ll give you your money back!


I look forward to helping you get your next 100 (or 1000) customers!

– Lincoln