Customer-centric Growth by Lincoln Murphy

Past Clients & Awesome Results

Even though he agrees to help fewer than 10% of the SaaS providers that reach out for help, since 2006, Lincoln Murphy has helped hundreds of SaaS providers accelerate customer acquisition, improve customer retention, and quickly reach profitable growth.

For immediate consultation and advice on growing your SaaS business, schedule at least a 15-minute meeting with Lincoln via Clarity. If you feel a more involved engagement is required for Lincoln to help you, email him with the specifics of your situation (as much detail as you’re comfortable giving) and he’ll setup a meeting with you to work through the particulars.

240% Increase in Paid Conversions in just 30 Days!
“Lincoln, in just 30 days – Apr 10th to May 9th – we bumped our conversion rate 2.4x based on what you told us to do. Amazing! Thank you!” – Stu Green, Founder & CEO ProjectBubble

400% Increase in Sign-Ups and 70% Customer Acquisition Cost Drop!
Lincoln says to always ask for the sale through the entire process… and for us, this advice resulted in an almost IMMEDIATE conversion rate bump of 400% and a 70% drop in Customer Acquisition Costs. To put this in financial terms, we were spending around $20 per signup before and that just dropped to about $6. That is huge huge huge.” Nick Friend, CEO, Iconosites

300% Price Increase – No Lost Sign-ups!
By implementing Lincoln’s Pricing Strategy recommendations, we were able to raise our prices by 300% without any negative impact on the rate of sign-ups!”” – Daniel Barnett, CEO, WORKetc

150 New Leads per Month (up from ZERO)!
Lincoln has given us new tactics that resulted in 150 new high-value leads per month… that worked great for us! Lincoln, you challenge the status quo and you’ve made our Customer Acquisition process much more effective!” – Jim Schultz, President AES Education

100% Increase in Conversions!
Since we implemented Lincoln’s suggestions, our conversions are up 100%+!” – Clint Wilson, Founder & CEO Cazoomi

“Lincoln, I love the insights that have made me think differently about free trials. There were several things that I hadn’t even considered before (or heard anyone talk about).”  – Ruben Gamez, Bidsketch

“Lincoln is the pricing strategy guru in the SaaS world. Many of our clients have used his services successfully.” – Christophe Primault, CEO

“At CustomerSure we’ve really enjoyed working with Lincoln and we feel we’ve got tremendous value from the investment we’ve made. We’re confident that the outcome will benefit both our customers and our business. Lincoln not only brings experience and insight of the SaaS sector, but we found that he matched that with professionalism and hard work.

Lincoln is never afraid to challenge assumptions and to represent the customer’s perspective, but it’s always done constructively, and with a self-deprecating dose of humour.

We have no hesitation in recommending his work.” – Guy Letts, CEO CustomerSure

“I have worked with Lincoln on 2 ventures now. One a pure start up and the other is a 10 year old SaaS company. On both occasions Lincoln has provided great insight into what to focus on and how to significantly improve our packaging, pricing and value propositions for our target markets. Highly recommended ‘3 thumbs up!” – Mathew Myers, Director at Vision6

“Few people understand marketing, sales conversions and consumer psychology as well as Lincoln does. If your app, product or SaaS isn’t selling, don’t worry, you’re not an idiot–you probably just don’t understand what makes people tick…lucky for you though, Lincoln does.” – Ed Stapleton, Jr. President, Limo Profits

“I was genuinely stunned by the amount and depth of useful feedback in Lincoln’s report, along with actionable pointers. I would have found it overwhelming but thankfully there was also a “Priority Guide” telling me what to deal with first. We have made significant changes to our Pricing Strategy and we’ve seen an instant improvement in conversions.” – Duane Jackson, CEO KashFlow

“We engaged Lincoln and Sixteen Ventures to help Threadbox maintain its Freemium strategy while accelerating Momentum and Growth because they are the leaders in this space. If you want to leverage the Freemium model, Lincoln is the guy that can show you how to do it.” – Michael Cerda, CEO Threadbox (Acquired by Myspace in 2010)

“Lincoln developed some very out of the box thinking about our pricing strategy which helped us identify new, underserved markets for our service. It also broke us away from the competition.” – Isaac Hall, CEO Recurly

“We reset our mindset around pricing after a Quick Start session with Lincoln. I went on to test some of the thinking we discussed against potential customers and LinkedIn group members. Value based pricing is overwhelmingly the champion over the inevitable lowest common denominator of cost based pricing. What is to be achieved by the cost based model unless you can pass that straight on to the customer? Customers value service and service can be bundled. Price by the bundle and not the constituent parts.” – Richard Blackham, CEO Metaconomy

“Lincoln helped us understand clearly how our Pricing Strategy needed to change to support our accelerated growth. If you are a SaaS company and have a pricing page, you owe it to yourself to have Lincoln review it!” – Jesse Goldman, Head of Business Development, Rypple (acquired by in 2011)

“Lincoln, I have been following your blogs and your views on SaaS and I can honestly say that it has fundamentally changed my business model and how I will interact with my target market. A number of my investors don’t have a clue about SaaS. It’s as if I am speaking in tongues, a different language when I talk about SaaS. I have directed them to your blog and it’s like they are having a religious experience. “Wow, so that’s it’s about” or “so that’s how the revenue has the potential to create hockey stick growth curve.” – Frederick Hann, Presidenta CEO Innovation

“Lincoln’s Pricing Strategy review helped OfficeDrop during our website redesign. While we had been busy growing the business over the past year things we thought were obvious on our pricing page, like the how our free trial worked, had become hard to understand. Having a smart 3rd party take a fresh look at our pricing strategy reminded us to match the pricing plans with our marketing message.” – Healy Jones, Head of Marketing, OfficeDrop

“One of the most complex parts of developing a Marketing Strategy for a SaaS company is getting your pricing model right, and ensuring that you communicate it correctly to your potential customers is an entirely different problem. Having a set of independent and unbiased eyes critique our Pricing Strategy was of huge benefit – giving us a boost in objectivity. Lincoln’s expertise was a timely and beneficial reality check that’s helped Unbounce to refocus the communication of a critical part of our sales process. I’d recommend Lincoln to anyone looking to gain some perspective and increase the convertibility of their pricing page.” – Oli Gardner, Director of Inbound Marketing, Unbounce

“It can never hurt to have a second set of eyes on something as important as your Pricing Strategy, and Lincoln’s are great eyes to have.” – Ray Gauss II

A Partial List of my clients over the years

Gainsight (formerly jBara Software)
Parametric Technology Corporation – PTC
AES Education
Everage (formerly Apptegic)
The Test Factory

And many more (some under tight NDA)…

For immediate consultation and advice on growing your SaaS business, schedule at least a 15-minute meeting with Lincoln via Clarity. If you feel a more involved engagement is required for Lincoln to help you, email him with the specifics of your situation (as much detail as you’re comfortable giving) and he’ll setup a meeting with you to work through the particulars.

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