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Pods in Customer Success vs. Sales: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Pods, a collaborative team structure, have been around for several years but have become increasingly popular in both Customer Success (CS) and Sales, especially as the former has become even more efficiency-focused in the past year.

While Pods share some similarities between Sales and Customer Success, their core objectives and functionalities differ based on the stage of the customer journey they address.

Here’s a breakdown comparing and contrasting Pods in CS and Sales:

Similarities of Pods in Customer Success vs. Sales

Differences between Customer Success and Sales Pods

The Pod Objective:

Customer Focus (or lack thereof)

Measures of Success

Customer Interaction Cadence:

Overall Approach for Pods

So are Sales and CS Pods different?

While both CS and Sales Pods leverage collaboration and shared expertise to achieve their goals, their core functions and success metrics differ based on the customer journey stage they address. 

CS Pods focus on nurturing existing relationships and ensuring long-term customer success, while Sales Pods are laser-focused on acquiring new customers and driving revenue growth.

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