Discover A Simple Method For Quickly Acquiring High-Value Customers for your SaaS Business

Whether you need your first 100 customers or your next 100 (or 1000), on Wednesday, March 26, 2014 at 2PM Eastern / 11AM Pacific (Paypal link), I’m going to show you the strategies and tactics to make that happen.


I’ll Show You Exactly How To Get More Customers…

During the 3-hour workshop (Paypal link) I’ll share with you:

  • How to identify and understand the characteristics of your Ideal Customer
  • How to determine the best way to get in front of your Ideal Customer
  • How to catch the attention of your Ideal Customer and get them to take action
  • What tactics  are being used TODAY – in March 2014 – by top SaaS companies for getting new customers (some free, some paid… all super-effective!)
    • Conversion Rate Optimization changes you need to know
    • Cutting-edge traffic generation tactics like:
      • Intra-company Virality
      • video SEO
      • Animated Gifs
      • Internationalization
      • a bunch of awesome Growth Hacks
      • email marketing changes -including a lot from outside SaaS – that you need to know about.
  • Plus… I’ll answer your questions live during the workshop
  • Sign-up for the workshop by clicking here (Paypal link)
  • The investment for this workshop is just $108
  • If you take action based on what I show you and you don’t get more customers… I’ll give you your money back!



  • This workshop is 100% education, not a pitch for my services
  • I will record it and give you access to it… but only if you sign-up to attend live. I won’t be selling this on its own later.
  • The slides are as ugly as this sales page… maybe more… but the content is super-effective!
  • Sign-up for the workshop by clicking here (Paypal link)


I look forward to helping you get your next 100 (or 1000) customers!

– Lincoln