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Where is Your Ideal Customer on the Awareness Ladder?

I recently gave my clients some interesting questions to ask themselves… and I thought you might want to ask yourself these questions, too.

In case you aren’t familiar with the “Awareness Ladder” concept, it comes from the amazing book “Breakthrough Advertising” by Eugene Schwartz, first published in 1966 (a book, BTW, that I keep by me all the time; it is even MORE relevant today!).

The ladder looks like this, from the top rung to the bottom one:

You need to know where the people in your market are on the Awareness Ladder so you can speak to them where they’re at and provide the appropriate call to action.

If they don’t even know they have a problem, you probably shouldn’t try to close them.

If they are convinced, you probably don’t need to get them to understand your benefits.

Understanding where your market is on the Awareness Ladder can absolutely transform your sales pipeline from a weak trickle to a powerful deluge!

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– Lincoln

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