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Goal Discovery: The Essential Task You Never Had Time for (Until Now!)

You get it; Goal Discovery is essential.

It’s not just another buzzword or a fleeting trend in Customer Success. It’s the foundation of everything we aim to accomplish with our clients.

But here’s where the frustration mounts: you have clients to manage, meetings to attend, fires to put out, and an inbox that never seems to get any lighter.

So where does Goal Discovery fit in and how can you possibly make time for it with all of your clients?

Let’s dig in.

Customer Success Podcast: Impact Weekly Episode 38

If you want to go deep on this topic, listen to this episode of our Customer Success podcast, Impact Weekly, that comes out every Wednesday. You can listen below or on your favorite podcast app:

The Real Problem: Shifting Priorities, Not Finding Time

Let’s cut through the noise and address the underlying issue. It’s not about “finding” time. It’s about shifting priorities.

If goal discovery makes total sense to you, you’ve already won half the battle.

Now, the challenge is recognizing the things you could deprioritize to focus more on goal discovery. I

t’s not about adding another task to your overloaded schedule; it’s about making room for something that is vital.

Building Competence: Goal Discovery as a Daily Habit

Johan put it succinctly in this episode when he said, “It might seem, if you haven’t done this before, like a huge task, but we’ve seen this so many times that when you start working this way, it becomes habit.”

Goal discovery is a competence, something that gets more manageable, more intuitive as you incorporate it into your daily routine.

Leading and Coaching CSMs

If you’re a Head of Customer Success, leading a team, your responsibility goes deeper.

It’s not just about you and your tasks. It’s about your team’s confidence and efficiency in doing goal discovery.

It’s your role to ensure that they understand things like goal discovery and objection breakthrough (both things we cover in our Impact Academy Customer Success training), and that they aren’t trapped in the cycle of managing urgent but unimportant things.

Understanding and Managing Goals: A Customer Perspective

Customers always have goals.

And these goals evolve and change. As CSMs, we must maintain and update those goals with our customers.

And remember, goals aren’t static. They’re dynamic. They’re real. They’re the heartbeat of the customer relationship, and keeping them at the forefront isn’t an option—it’s a necessity.

Goals are the Essence of Customer Success

Goal discovery isn’t something to squeeze into your schedule reluctantly.

It’s the path to real connection, understanding, and success with your customers. It requires prioritizing, leading, coaching, and above all, a willingness to break free from the usual patterns.

So, the next time you find yourself saying, “I know I need to do Goal Discovery, but I just don’t have time,” stop and reflect on what you’re truly saying.

You’re standing at the threshold of something transformative, something that can redefine your relationship with your clients.

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