Customer-centric Growth by Lincoln Murphy

The Goal Discovery Framework for Customer Success Management

In the realm of Customer Success (CS), understanding customer goals is the cornerstone of building meaningful relationships and driving long-term value. Traditional customer interactions often involve direct communication, allowing for immediate clarification of needs. 

As I’ say all the time:

No Goals. No Customer Success.

Know Goals. Know Customer Success.

The Goal Discovery Framework for Customer Success

The Customer Success Goal Discovery Framework offers a comprehensive approach specifically tailored for asynchronous and self-service environments. It utilizes the “5 Ws and 1 H” to provide a clear roadmap for uncovering customer goals:

Benefits of Utilizing the Goal Discovery Framework:

Implementing the Framework in Asynchronous & Self-Service Models:

While traditional face-to-face interactions allow for on-the-spot goal discovery, asynchronous and self-service models demand a more strategic approach. Here are some strategies to leverage the Goal Discovery Framework in these environments:


By adopting the Goal Discovery Framework and tailoring it to your specific customer interactions, you can unlock the power of understanding customer goals. This deeper understanding forms the foundation for building strong relationships, delivering exceptional customer experiences, and driving long-term customer success in today’s asynchronous and self-service customer landscape.

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