Customer-centric Growth by Lincoln Murphy

Beyond Touch Levels: Scaling Customer Success through Appropriate Experience (AX)

There’s no such thing as a ‘tech-touch’ or ‘high-touch’ customer. There are only customers and their Appropriate Experience (AX).

This is the modern take on Customer Success Management that leaders of world-class CS organizations operationalize around.

While traditional approaches often relied on revenue-based customer segmentation, leading to inconsistent experiences and inefficiencies, AX prioritizes individual needs and goals, allowing for efficient scaling by logically segmenting – and allocating appropriate resources to – customers based on shared AX.

Here is a deep-dive on AX-based Segmentation.

The Pitfalls of Revenue-Based Segmentation:

The Power of the Appropriate Experience (AX):

Addressing Counterpoints:

Capacity Planning through AX:

By embracing AX, we unlock the potential for improved capacity planning and resource allocation. Here’s how:

Here’s a deep-dive on Capacity Planning for Customer Success.


Moving beyond “tech-touch” and “high-touch” labels and embracing the AX signifies a paradigm shift in CSM. By prioritizing the individual customer journey, setting realistic expectations, and focusing on delivering value based on needs regardless of spending, we can create win-win situations for businesses and customers. This not only fosters long-term success and ethical growth but also unlocks the potential for improved capacity planning and efficient resource allocation, leading to a more sustainable and scalable CSM operation.

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