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Don’t Mix SaaS Free Trial and Churn Metrics

Don’t Mix SaaS Free Trial and Churn MetricsAny metric that’s not acted on is a vanity metric, right? Sure, but that doesn’t cover every situation.

Sometimes we measure things because we’re “supposed to” but honestly don’t know what to do once we have the result (add that to the list of things that are true but few people will admit publicly). It’s only a vanity metric because all we can do is look at it. We sure would like to act.

And then there are times where the metrics that we’re measuring are done with a purpose, we want to – and maybe even have an idea on how we will – act on them; but the metrics are just wrong. And acting on them will be either impossible or fail to have the impact you hope it will.

Which brings me to this question I got from Phil at Corvus Coffee, a subscription coffee company based out of Denver, CO:

“I’m wondering if you have an opinion on what a churn rate should be while marketing a free trial heavily to grow a new online business compared to when we have a more established subscriber base.”

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SaaS Free Trial Conversion Rate Benchmarks

SaaS Free Trial Conversion Rate BenchmarksI’m frequently asked about SaaS Free Trial Conversion Rate Benchmarks; after being asked for the 97th time – this week – I decided to publish this post.

First, a bit of a disclaimer. Benchmarks are neat… it’s cool to see how you stack up against other companies. Benchmarks are how some executives make decisions and some investors decide if it’s worth the risk. And there are analyst firms that make a ton of money catering to that desire to know how you rate against other companies.

I’m not an analyst… my knowledge comes from my experience working with SaaS companies, those I advise, and through my various connections with VCs and friends in the biz.

And in my experience, I say…

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