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Book Giveaway FAQs

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 10.34.41 PMThese are the Frequently Asked Questions for my giveaway of 66 AWESOME Business Books.

Check them out and if you like the answers (or even if you don’t) enter to win by clicking here.

If you have a question that is not answered, please ask me on Twitter.

Book Giveaway FAQ Table of Contents

Why are you giving away your book collection?

I wrote a pretty detailed response to this question on Medium.

The quick answer is that I’ve got most of these on Kindle and the others I just don’t actually reference that often.

So they’re just sitting there collecting dust when they could help someone else as much as they’ve helped me… or hopefully even more.

However, it’s not completely altruistic… this is also an experiment in doing a “giveaway,” specifically to see how it grows my email list and/or my social network due to the viral sharing component. Help me with that experiment by entering to win 66 business books.

You see, when you enter you’re given a Lucky Link to share. The more people that sign-up through your link, the more entries you get, which improves your chances to win.

That should get me in front of new audiences I otherwise wouldn’t reach.

Can you share the list of books?

Sure… I put together a Google Spreadsheet that lists the Book Title, Author, Format, and even links to Amazon in case you’d like to buy the book instead of win it.

Why give away all 66 books at once?

I thought about giving away a bundle of Marketing books, or a bundle of the Classics… but at some point that felt small and like I was just giving away some of my old books.

But by giving away 66 at one time… in one epic giveaway… and giving away books that really have had a lot of meaning – and helped me generate a lot of results for my clients and me – seems like a much bigger deal.

What condition are the books in?

Well, they’re free if you win… that’s a pretty cool condition, right?

Okay, fine. Most are “brand new” since I ended up getting the Kindle or ebook/PDF version and read that instead. Many of the newer books I may not have even opened!

But some of the books are incredibly well-worn… especially the copy of Influence by Robert Cialdini you’ll get. I. LOVE. THAT. BOOK.

I do have it on Kindle, but I also have my signed copy that I’ll be keeping. You get this one… and it is well-worn indeed.

And some books are old… like really old. Their condition reflects their age. But they’re all 100% readable. I have no doubt you’ll enjoy them.

Lincoln, you must hate [any non-USA country] to make this a USA-only giveaway.

That’s not a question, and no one has been that mean, thankfully.

But some people have questioned this. The only reason I put this restriction was to keep from being surprised by a $3k shipping bill to get the books to Poland (I checked, BTW). There’s over 100lbs (44kg) of books and I decided to – since I wasn’t sure how well this experiment would perform – to limit the downside exposure on this one.

There’s also other stuff to deal with in shipping anything overseas and across borders – especially to people you don’t really know – and I didn’t want the hassle. So choosing only the USA simply made it easier for me. If you do a giveaway, you should use your good judgement and take that all of that into consideration.

I did setup an alternate giveaway fro anyone not in the US and not eligible to win the book giveaway – or anyone, actually – and that’s a giveaway for a 30-minute consulting call on Clarity.

Who covers the shipping cost for all these books?

It’s on me… if you win, I’ll make sure you get the books, and that includes covering all shipping costs.

Which is why I’m only picking a winner that’s in the United States! If you’re outside the USA, I created a different giveaway just for you.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yep… here it is.

What about the terms and conditions for this giveaway?

They’re on the Giveaway page under “Read Official Rules”